Monday, February 2, 2009

Hometeam Love

Current Mood: Still deaf, but getting used to it (for those concerned, the doc appointment is tomorrow)

Current Song: Walking on Air by Kerli.

I figured since it's february and there is red and pink everywhere, and we're all forced to profess our love for one another, I'm going to write about love this month. They probably won't be your typical posts, but heck, I'll try. Don't worry. I'm not going soft on you. We all know what I think of Love.

This weekend Zoyah and I had the pleasure (and pain) of going to our first hockey game of the year. I love the atmosphere and GM Place, and the bad food, and of course the cute boys. For those of you who don't keep up with the Wet Coast Hockey environment, The Vancouver Canucks have not done so well over the last few games. This time was no better. We ended up losing in overtime against the Minnesota Wild. It was a bit like watching elephants on rollerskates. Poor Canucks.

I realized love for one's home team is something you can't come by easily. Zoyah is ever the optimist about the Canucks' ability to win. She predicted overtime, and it happened. She's an avid believer. Your hometeam I suppose for some like her, deserve unconditional love. Kind of the way you might love your children when they mess up royally or perhaps your first love, after years when you recall what a laugh you had together. Sure sometimes it doesn't work out, but you can't give up (clearly). I on the other hand, tend to think that the law of averages will eventually work in our favour. I know. How romantic.

Canuck Love is rampant in the house, because of my younger sister. She is ever the believer that one day we'll make to the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile, she'll continue to "endure" mustard covered pretzels and junk food while we faithfully watch the Canucks.

Now, the picture. It's from the game of course. How could I not take pictures? It's an annual tradition now! Alright kids, enjoy...and we shall talk about love again soon!