Monday, February 23, 2009

We Eat, We Love (Mostly We Love to Eat!)


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I decided to dedicate today's love blog to food. It appears to be the centrepoint. We pretty much go where the food is. Nobody ever came to an event if there was no food. It would be silliness.

My own family has a long and illustrious food history. My mother really is one of the best cooks that I know. Everyone says that, but she would probably beat a lot of moms hollow. My sister is probably the best baker I know. She literally has hundreds of recipes of pies and cakes. She bakes her christmas presents and I have shown you folks before, and continually impresses me with her vast culinary vocabulary (while I sit there going, how'd you make that!). She even baked that pie you see below. Myself? I'm not a shabby cook. I have a dependable but limited repertoire of food that i like to pull out every now and then (PS: All curry is the same thing). I manage, and I won't starve...too badly.

It's great how food surrounds pretty much every thing we do. It really is the keystone for all our events from weddings and birthdays to those dreaded networking events. What would we do with our hands if we weren't holding cocktail napkins anyway? I think maybe I'll become a food writer. Though, I couldn't eat anything with bacon, and I don't eat seafood so that pretty much leaves me 4 foods I can try in various combinations. I know I'm ridiculously adventurous.

I am just going to give you my Top 5 favourite main dishes!

1. Thai Green Curry

2. Really well-made poutine

3. Deep fried chicken that is deemed Birthday Chicken because I've had it for my birthday since I was 7

4. Mishkaki (which pretty much translates to meat on a stick...mmm barbecue!)

5. Nihari (a pakistani type curry that my mother makes on ocassion. Best stuff)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Big Three


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My Blog is 3 years old on the 21st! Happy Birthday Blog! I can't believe I've kept it up for that long. But then again, you can never talk about yourself enough...especially when you have regular readers! For those wondering what happened to the 2006 blogs, I was working on a different platform and I never transfered them over. Yes, I was lazy then too!

So, I'm thinking of taking this relationship to the next level (yes, I shall marry the blog now...). I know there is lots of advice on the web on how to get more readership. Some of them involve signing on to site such as Twitter, Stumbleupon and Digg. Since the blog isn't my full time job, I'd like to have maybe one or two of these that I can take advantage of, but not something that will take over my life, thus making me into a mole person. But I'm never sure which would suit my site.

If you were to pick one of these (or another one I haven't mentioned), which would it be?

And my second regular feature (and my regular I mean sporadic) is going to be my Top 5. These will mostly just be things I come across or like or think you might care to know about and I'll list them when I've got a good 5. We'll start now!

Vancouver has been having a fabulous bout of weather this last week. Clear skies, warm days, cool breezes, the perfect west coast spring (sorry rest of Canada!). So obviously, besides construction, the regular traffic of joggers, walkers, and bikers have started their runs. We've put aside our winter Lattes, put on our latest running gear (with moisture-wicking and of course made of earth friendly fibres), grabbed our iPods and headed to the great outdoors. Myself? The headache has kept me from running too hard (rush of blood to the head = pounding headache), but I've been scaling some hills, and am excited about it. So clearly if you're going to be working out you need some great tunes. Yesterday I took the time to update my track listings (for the first time, actually doing it was hard...what happened to the days of CDs?) and got an idea of what I like to run to. Note to self: Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" is NOT good running material. If you're into crawling on the pavement, by all means, please make it your anthem. So for your listening pleasure:

Top 5 Songs You Must Have When You're Running

1. Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
2. Womanizer - Britney Spears (I usually deride her musical abilities, but you gotta give her this one)
3. Diferente - Gotan Project
4. Jesus Walks - Kanye West
5. Got Me Floatin' - PM Dawn ( I don't care if they're super-oldschool. I still love them!)

So there you go. Next week it rains, but I'm taking advantage of the rest of this week. More to come soon. Have a good rest of the week, folks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Guest Post


Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note that my guest post on Valentine's Day is up!

Thanks again to KK for inviting me to post.

Enjoy the read :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Do You Look Like My Parent?


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Okay, I'm having a little trouble writing about love all this month, so I've gone back to my research roots. See? Here's me rationalizing again. So here goes.

I'm reaching that age where people are all getting married and having children and making all sorts of settling-down noises. Thanks to the miracles of facebook, I now have deep insight (sometimes unwanted) into what people's partners look like. Some who I have known for long periods of time, are oddly enough marrying spouses who look like their parents!

How Odd. Apparently, it's scientifically possible, and common even!

This article about some research done on how children find features of their opposite-sex parent in their future mates, says that facial features are very important, because they are an evolutionary indicator of success in propagation. It all comes back to monkeys doesn't it?

Clearly, it's doesn't apply all across the board. No cause for alarm. For some people it doesn't apply at all. I wondered what the mitigating circumstances of that might be. For instance, what is the role model of a child in a single parent family? or a same-sex family? hmmm. Interesting notions these, aren't they?

(PS: I like how I subtly veer away from writing about love. Gotta love me for it!)

Anyway, enough of that. Hopefully you're not examining your partner too closely now. They're going to think something off about you.

Yesterday I watched "A Charlie Brown Valentine" Most of you probably know I'm a huge Charlie Brown Fan. I love Lucy. I am Lucy! So here's a little video that I absolutely love from the episode. Enjoy! I shall write soon again!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Through the Ages


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As you know, I'm writing about love this month. By now you have garnered sufficient knowledge that I'm a big nerd. There's no two ways about it. As my good friend SL says I often try to rationalize love where it can't really be. Matters of heart and such

So I was watching a show sometime last week with Fanny Kiefer and she was talking to a relationship expert about what men and women look for in each other. Evolutionarily, women look for status, and men look for physical attributes that indicate fertility (trophy wife syndrome, I like to call it). The question came up of powerful women and whether men are frightened or attracted to them. It turned out, frightened was the case for the majority.

Not that I'm a powerful woman (hardly....I'm feeling self-deprecating today...let me have my cake). I do incur some pretty interesting responses from my male friends. T always says "you'll chew them up and spit them out" and S always says "you'll eat them alive". It might be because I'm slightly more no-nonsense than the average bear. Perhaps it's my intellectual weight that makes it so (again, only as smart as you'll let me be)? I'm attracted to men who show intellectual prowess more than anything else (Brain Sex, I think they called it on Brothers and eyes never hurt either!). And let's face, most men my age (20's) haven't grown up enough to tackle that....perhaps it might help if I concede once in a while...Perhaps one of these days someone will take on the challenge

What say you, readers? Are self-sufficient women scary?

Okay, here's the picture, we so love. This is a sticker that's been on my window since I was 13 years's never moved...I never see it...on a clear day, I look right past it. For some reason, I looked at it today....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hometeam Love


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I figured since it's february and there is red and pink everywhere, and we're all forced to profess our love for one another, I'm going to write about love this month. They probably won't be your typical posts, but heck, I'll try. Don't worry. I'm not going soft on you. We all know what I think of Love.

This weekend Zoyah and I had the pleasure (and pain) of going to our first hockey game of the year. I love the atmosphere and GM Place, and the bad food, and of course the cute boys. For those of you who don't keep up with the Wet Coast Hockey environment, The Vancouver Canucks have not done so well over the last few games. This time was no better. We ended up losing in overtime against the Minnesota Wild. It was a bit like watching elephants on rollerskates. Poor Canucks.

I realized love for one's home team is something you can't come by easily. Zoyah is ever the optimist about the Canucks' ability to win. She predicted overtime, and it happened. She's an avid believer. Your hometeam I suppose for some like her, deserve unconditional love. Kind of the way you might love your children when they mess up royally or perhaps your first love, after years when you recall what a laugh you had together. Sure sometimes it doesn't work out, but you can't give up (clearly). I on the other hand, tend to think that the law of averages will eventually work in our favour. I know. How romantic.

Canuck Love is rampant in the house, because of my younger sister. She is ever the believer that one day we'll make to the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile, she'll continue to "endure" mustard covered pretzels and junk food while we faithfully watch the Canucks.

Now, the picture. It's from the game of course. How could I not take pictures? It's an annual tradition now! Alright kids, enjoy...and we shall talk about love again soon!