Friday, January 30, 2009

Weighing In on the Issue

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So as you've probably heard, Jessica Simpson is headlining the news lately with alleged weight gain, and is under fierce criticism by people who need to find something better to do. It's bigger news than Davos has been this week. I fully recognize the irony of me writing about this, and saying that it really shouldn't be in the news. But I can't understand how we have to villify women with curves in our society still. And Jessica Simpson is hardly a woman with curves. Believe me, I know what curves means.

I think that this business of weight has gone on long enough, quite frankly. Most of you will know, I sometimes say that inside I'll always be the "fat girl". It's how I saw myself even in grade 8 when I weighed a measly 80 pounds. I'll never fully be over it because it's hard work for me to stay in shape, thanks to genetics.

My whole journey has never been an easy one, but started in 2006, when I went through my "enough of this crap" phase. After a much-needed vacation in London, which forced me to walk everywhere, including the 500 odd steps up St. Pauls Cathedral, I realized, I wanted to live to be able to do that again when I'm 70 years old. It inspired me to get in shape, so that I don't have to have a heart attack when I'm young and I don't have to break a hip when I'm older.

I think we miss the important point here, in that it's how healthy you are that really counts. At 5'2, I have a healthy BMI, I can climb a set of stairs without wanting to pass out and I exercise regularly and get my daily intake of fruits and veggies. I eat chocolate everyday and love sweets. I'm not, nor will I ever be a size small. it's unrealistic for me, frankly.

And let's not go around couching weight related terms to make them more PC. It's a load of crap. We talk a lot about healthy body weight and all of that good stuff, but if that really means trying to fit into daisy dukes, most of us are kidding ourselves. This applies to both men and women (Men, you should NEVER attempt to wear Daisy Dukes...ever!). We're all faced with unrealistic expectations from sources like the media. Shame on them. But shame on us, for trying to live up to them.

Okay, people, this has been my rant about weight for the year. I hope never to bring it up again.

I shall write in february...augh! it's coming up so soon! Talk to you all later!


Karim Kanji said...

I am not giving back my daisy dukes! Ever! LOL!

Great post Mehnaz!

It's interesting what motivates us. I'm trying to get back in/stay in shape so that when my son becomes a teenager I will still be able to "fight-fight" with him!

Mehnaz said...

Sigh! I tried with the Daisy Dukes...i really did, but alas! LOL

Good on you for staying in shape. it's important. weight is too much of an issue these days...I say who cares. If you're not wheezing after walking up a flight of stairs, you're in good health!

Thanks again KK, for checking in!