Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Current Mood: Barely awake (I'm having some major insomnia related issues lately)
Current Song: Here with Me by Dido

Joyeuse Nouvelle Annee! I hope 2009 brings you all (or both) much success, joy, and luck. It's a new start people. Time to make some changes and get on with it. I'm happy that 2008 is over. It was a weird year. I either have years that are so mellow that nothing exciting happens all year long, or that are so up and down, you'd think I was schizophrenic. I think 2008 was a bit of the latter. I'm hoping this year is somewhat more consistent or at least is progressing upward as much as possible.

As you probably know by now, I think a lot about change. Afterall, it was the Number 1 Buzzword of 2008. Aside from its political connotations, it's one of those things that is constant and that you have to think about. As much as I love change, I notice some things about me are fundamental to remain the same. I think in some way you have to honour the past in order to respect yourself in the future. Here are a couple of ways that I remain the same.

1. Yesterday, amidst the boredom of the stat holiday, I came across Musselman Presents The Music of Seal on Ice. As you know, I'm a massive massive fan of seal. He performed live and it was just divine. I've loved him since I discovered him singing Kiss from a Rose on Batman Forever and I haven't been able to let go since. In fact, he actually sang "Kiss from a Rose" , "Crazy" and "Don't Cry". It's amazing how pieces of your life can be inextricably tied to music. I also heard Fix You by Coldplay (It gets less painful every year :) )

2. I'm still in love with Aamir Khan. Don't ask me why. I just am. Okay, time for a confession. When I was about 6 years old or so, I saw him in a lovestory type of movie. It was a very Romeo and Juliet thing, minus the wussing out over poison. I fell unapologetically in love with him. And I haven't come out of it since. I still swoon. That's right. I still do, even though it's no longer 1987 anymore. A girl's first love is always her first love. And for your pleasure, and mine, a picture of him. The heart still flutters :) (And yes, those are his real eyes. I know I always say I'm a sucker for blue eyes, but I'll settle for his any time!)

Okay, enough of this swooning in the new year. I better get going. I'm going for a haircut so I can resume looking half human at least. fingers crossed the snowing stops soon. I miss the rain and running. Alright kids, we shall meet soon! ciao!