Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got Too Much Time? Watch Korean Family Dramas!

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I have yet another confession. I've been watching a Korean drama every night. I don't understand Korean at all (well, except for how to say mom and dad and yes). The show is called "Mom's Dead Upset" and it's about a Korean family that is dealing with the marriage of their 3 children. The oldest is a successful lawyer who wants to marry a divorcee with a child (not good). The youngest daughter marries into a different class of people (also not good) and the only son in the family ends up marrying a woman who is much older than him and who got pregnant out of wedlock. You can read about the show here. It is possibly the most interesting show. It draws a lot of parallels to our lives and to our community and especially facing issues when it comes to love.

I think I most relate to the older daughter. Not that I've ever fallen in love with a man who has a child from a former marriage. Wasn't that bad. She's a strong-headed woman though, which is both a good thing and a bad thing I suppose. Ever the pragmatist, I find it hard to substantiate things like love.

Today I was watching some telly while I was working out and there was a whole thing on prenuptials. And I guess the question that popped into my head is, whether it's too pessimistic to entertain the notion that a marriage might end in divorce. Are you setting yourself up? I know it's too unromantic of course. We'd all like to eat all the chocolate we can and never gain a pound, and also have all our relationships work out for the best. But truth is, it doesn't happen.

Perhaps it's that to-a-fault pragmatism. But I'd rather be pleasantly surprised that it did work out. It's always nice to be surprised than disappointed. It's one of the reasons that i like the oldest daughter in this Korean drama. I think she is going into the relationship with this man with the full knowledge of its consequences. I can appreciate that. I can also appreciate that she's a bit older and doesn't have time to play stupid childish games. Perhaps that's trick. The older you are, the less inclined you are to act stupidly on a regular basis. Might as well go for what you want.
I realise I haven't put up a picture in a little while, so here is one. It was a christmas shot, and I was trying to play around with angles and light. I think I might be getting the hang of this stuff. it's supposed to be a promisingly sunny weekend and I might go to the park for a walk I think. Will keep you posted of course. Until then, Ciao!


Karim Kanji said...

nice photo!!!!

u and Vasta must be on opposite magnetic poles or something. the week he writes about love and marriage u question it.


Mehnaz said...

Thanks again KK! I'm trying to take better pictures

Don't get me wrong: I love love, but too many people are disappointed by the fact that it didn't last forever...perhaps I temper my expectations waaay too much :)