Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis The Season Blah Blah

Current Mood: Sneezy (another mini-cold coming on. woke up feeling not so hot)

Current Song: That Christmas Theme Song from "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown"
You know that it's officially christmas when Zoyah has managed to drag you into the abyss that is the kitchen never to be let out again, in an exercise she calls "Christmas Baking". We'd been baking for days this last week. DAYS! Mind you everything turned out just the way it should: delicious and fatty. So really, it's all good. I was in charge of all difficult things including smashing the candy canes for the peppermint bark, and also breaking up the bark (which hurt my wrist). I am also in charge every year of making butter tarts. thanks to a recipe from an old coworker Jill, they turn out predictably the same every year. Not a change to be had at all. However, because I was so helpful, Zoyah now owes me two cheescakes and her first-born. Also related to the jubilee related favours that I did for her.

As you might all know, we have one christmas enthusiast in the house, so all things center around her activities and such. The tree has also been put up for now. It gets busier every year. This year it has lights on it as well. It's very nice.

I for one, am not a christmas fan. I think it's too much fuss for something that technically I don't even celebrate. It's also too much money on a good day. Sigh. Oh well. You do what you can for those you love.
In other news, it's snowed about 20 cm since yesterday. Another big system coming in for wednesday. Not sure how that turkey-related festivities will go. I also hate being the man of the house (I need a husband out of convenience really. To dig me out of snow and to reach the top shelves for me). I will shortly be banished out into the tundra in order to dig my civic out of the snow and clean up the side of the house. But on the bright side, I really don't have to work out today and I'll have stellar arms this week (painful, but stellar).

Pictures below. One of the baking bonanza that ensued and the other of a stylized christmas shot. Baking includes (from top left and clockwise): Sugar cookies, Leibkuchen, Butter Tarts, Peppermint Bark, Chocolate chip zuccini cupcakes, Almond Jam bars, Butterscotch Bars. Will be writing last blog of the year sometime next week. Until then, happy snow cake and egg nog everyone!
PS: to those of you who like to comment on the blog, please do so in the comments section. you don't need to email me. I still read the comments :)