Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wilderness

Current Mood: meh

Current Song: Better in Time by Leona Lewis

So the halloween has come and gone. We had some pretty awesome looking pumpkins. Mind you, not a lot of children came up for candy. More for me. I somehow managed to avoid the massive crowds of sugared up children by making Zoyah get the door and then I didn't have to smile and pretend I liked anyone's costumes. It was good times. However, my stomach can no longer handle the junkfood I used to be able to eat. I guess that's probably a good thing innit?
This weekend we also went to a sample shoe sale. My mother and I are both lucky enough to have size 6 feet (stop laughing...they may be small but I kick hard). Women are like vultures. Vultures I tells ya. There was much scratching and snatching and eye gouging (okay, not so much the eye gouging). But there were some women that didn't waste time, holding one shoe in their hand and walking around with one foot bare trying on shoes as they saw them. it was a mad house and a good social experiment. Like animals. There were even a few that circled you like hyenas. the moment you put that purple sling back down they jumped on it, sometimes taking your hand with them. Completely insane and much fun. I finally did get the red coloured shoes that i've longed for all my life. Now I think my shoe life is complete. Which of course means, that I will be going back for more. Oh happy days.

Anyway, that brings us to the end of my weekend adventures. Here's a picture of the pumpkins we carved. One has a spider on its face and is having somewhat of a panic attack (that's Zoyah)...and the other one is throwing up (also Zoyah). Enjoy. We shall commiserate soon!