Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Two Step Blog

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So, I have a two part blog today, because the topics are really more unrelated than they usually are (you never thought that would be possible did you?)

Part 1: Conversation with the Biology Student

Me: Hey, if smurfs choke, what colour would they turn.

Zoyah (in deep thought): Well, what colour is their blood?

Me: What am I, a smurf biologist? How the hell would I know?

Zoyah: Well do they blush?

Me (looking impish): ....uhm

Zoyah: Well, do they??

Me: Yes, I guess they do

Zoyah: So that means their blood is red, which would mean they would probably turn like a greyish blue....

Me: Thanks for clearing that up....

Why we even bother talking to each other is beyond me. Such garbage we concoct. I mean who would put this much effort into answering a stupid question like this? On the other hand, now I can impress my friends at parties. Popularity, here I come!

Part 2: I'm an arrogant bastard and I know it.

So I took something called the Meyers-Briggs typology index, which is a psychological personality test that asesses you on four different personality dimensions. My personality was coded INTJ (Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking and Judging). In a nutshell, my personality type makes up about 1% of the population, so we're pretty rare. It's also been coded as The Mastermind, the Scientist and some other thought and process oriented words. It's actually very accurate. It explains my general disregard for authority because apparently I don't care who it comes from, if it doesn't make sense, I'm ready to trash the idea. It also explains why I'm not a big fan of social mores. As one of my close friends said, I bore easily. Apparently, if you haven't managed to captivate my attention in the first 5 minutes. I'm out. Don't be offended, it's just that you're dull. That's all. It also says that I'm process oriented and I love systems. If it can't be analysed I don't want anything to do with it (that also explains the whole I-don't-believe-in-love-at-first-sight thing). And Finally, I am self confident, and slightly aloof (or as another personality profile put it, I'm an arrogant bastard and I know it). You can read my profile here. Should explain a lot about me.
You can also take the test here. Perhaps that'll be a nice change for your friends and family who are sick and tired of trying to understand you! Mine seem to have given up on me, and good for them, cuz this cookie doesn't crumble for anything!

Okay, very long blog entry this one. I shall be off. I'm sure i can find something to do :)
Until after le weekend!


Michelle said...

I couldn't resist. I was surfing blogs (semi-new here-long story). Anyway, I read this one about Myers-Briggs. It has fascinated me for years. I'm in that 1% you're in!

I'm a counselor. How did THAT happen?

Love your humor and (ahem) thought process...