Monday, November 17, 2008

Everyday Faith

Current Mood: Slightly lighter than that complete meltdown last week

Current Song: Something Indian

So I decided to photoblog it this time around. I got wind of the Golden Jubilee Banners downtown in Vancouver to commemorate the GJ of His Highness the Aga Khan, the leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims (of which I am one). So I went on a two-hour traipse through downtown vancouver and took some photos. They are below!
This particular one is from the Georgia Street onramp. I like that it's right beside that giant banner that says we're all canucks. I think it's so fitting. Because afterall, we really are! It's rather conveniently located right next to the Hockey Mecca of Vancouver too so it's particularly appropriate.

This next shot is taken from Robson street. I dangerously ran onto the crosswalk to get the shot. Yes, that's right. I live in the danger zone (okay, not really, the walk light was on)

This last one is from the Burrard Street Bridge. I didn't have the heart to walk the entire bridge but i did get on the pedestrian walk to snap this shot.
After this fun but tiring ordeal, I sufficiently have the right to say that I have done my week's exercise. No more! Now only eating! Okay, I'll work out again probably in a day or two. In the meanwhile I'm going to continue to enjoy the rest of this time. Watch out for a blog coming next week!