Thursday, September 25, 2008


Current Mood: Happy to have had my haircut (thank you Crystal!)

Current Song: Shine by Coldplay

This week was our all night prayer, and yesterday I was sufficiently knackered, but seemed to have recovered rather well today. I also had my refill of ismaili so I can go about sinning until next ramadan. Ah, institutionalised religion...where would I be without you.

It's a funny thing, this autumn. I start to reminisce when it gets to about this time of year. When all the leaves and dying and the rain is coming down in sheets, there's some last ember of something that brings back some memories. Maybe it's the smell of coming winter or how the mall starts to smell and look different. Dunno. But I start to wish for some of those past memories. Today, however has been a bit different. I woke up with that "wouldn't it be just great if...." feeling. But have suddenly been reminded of my own growth

I think women face a hard choice in the world these days, especially when it comes to relationships. I think that we have to give up a lot and resign ourselves a bit more. Sometimes we even think that we know what we want, but don't really realise that we are capable of much more than we give ourselves credit for. I'm one of those prime examples and I know all too many women who make up the rest of the examples. I think the biggest lesson we can learn is to be uncompromising in our strength. I am who I am, so deal with it, short hair, glasses and the whole package. Why shouldn't we be appreciated for who we are?

All this, came from a morning of getting my hair cut. I've also noticed something else. I'm getting far more looks now with longer hair than I ever did with shorter. I wonder what that's all about. Men are a strange breed. Who created them anyway? oh...right....that guy...../

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Grey's Anatomy tonight! wee! I'll report back soon. A bientot!