Saturday, September 20, 2008

Starlight Starbright

Current Mood: Sad that summer is over, but happy because Halloween is close!

Current Song: The Latest Craze

It's been a productive week in a lot of ways. It was much less boring than other weeks that I've had which I was really grateful for. Although I have to say it's very unmotivating this whole sitting around thing.

This week I went to a talk that was put on by the School for International Studies on the identity formation of American Muslims. It was an extremely interesting talk on the Americanisation of Muslim identity and this split between good Muslim and bad Muslim. I don't want to go into the nitty gritties because I would probably misrepresent the talk if I did. It was nice to think again though, and think in that capacity again. I loved being an academic and I missed that banter that we used to have. The world is so much bigger than us! Phew!

Yesterday I went to the Lantern Festival at Deer Lake Park which was a ton of fun as well. I had never been, so it was good. I tried to take some shots with the new camera (which I appear to be guarding with my life), and they all weren't very good because I really haven't figured out how to use it at its very best. Nonetheless, I certainly tried. it was a very nice overcast evening and I went with one of my best friends. I miss city events sometimes and I hope I get to go to a few more of them before the work life kicks in for good. So below are a couple of shots from last night. One is a woman with a glowstick hula hoop and the other is a path of a bunch of candles that they formed that you could walk through. Enjoy! I shall write again soon!