Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oooooooooooooh! Purty!

Current Mood: pretty calm (waiting for storm)

Current Song: System by Seal

Been a decent week. A bit busy for someone who's not really doing much these days, but nevertheless it was alright. My fantastic wonderful awesome family got me my graduation present this week. It's a lovely Nikon D40 SLR camera. It's so great to work with. It even has new car smell, I feel! It's got amazing picture quality and it's so fun to play around with. So in honour of honing in my rather mediocre photography skills, I'm adding a "picture of the week" phenomenon to my blog, so I can put up my best pictures for you to rave about and admire. I think it'll be fun. Feel free to comment on them (I take criticism pretty well...after I stop sobbing...kidding!). Sooo, see below for photograph and I'll write a mini caption about where the inspiration for it came from. I think it'll add some intelligence to my erratic photo-taking

Also, just wanted to say thank you to my Mum and Zoyah for being such amazing people. I have said before that I generally get what I want (sometimes it takes some time to get it, but it's eventually mine). If it wasn't for them, I would have no support in all the things that I've done and all the mistakes I've made. They are unconditional for me and I'm forever indebted to them. That's the meaning of family. They stick by you no matter how much you screw up or how difficult you are to live with. And trust me, I'm not the consistency of room-temp butter when it comes to living with me (sometimes my mother says, she may as well as given birth to a stone)...So thank you. You two are awesome...*tear*

Okay picture time! yay!

So this little picture, I call "Between Faith and Science" You'll see a "tasbih" (prayer beads) and a pair of protective lab goggles (or whatever you call them). Both found in my sister's room, so she's the inspiration because she balances her love for science and her religion better than I ever did at her age. And for those who know or care to know about Ismailism, there is no contention between the two. Science is a way of discovering more of creation, so Ismaili scholars through the ages have been able to consolidate the two quite well. More info available in the many sources at the Insitute for Ismaili Studies and

Okay done today! later days folks!