Monday, September 29, 2008

Late Summer

Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Song: Talking to the Walls by Finger Eleven

Just enjoying the last of summer now. We've had some incredible weather the last little while. It's felt like summer. I'm hoping that the streak continues through until October. It would be very nice to have that.

Yesterday, I went to Word on the Street with a friend of mine (a fellow lover of books). It's a nice festival, and quite small actually. But spending a few hours around some books never hurt anyone. Plus it was nice to be downtown again. I miss the water and I miss the general energy of the place. Though I have to say, we probably have the quietest downtown area in the world. At one point, my friend and I might have been the only people wandering the street. I could swear it. I'm thinking the festivals and downtowns in Toronto and Montreal are probably far more lively than over here. Although, Vancouver is a lovely city, I have to say.

Also watched a movie called Jodhaa Akbar over the weekend. It was one of those epic stories by Bollywood. The movie literally lasted 4 hours (and then you wonder where I get my stamina to sit through things). It was actually one of the best movies that I have seen in a while. Great on-screen chemistry. The story is basically about the great-grandfather of the guy who built the Taj Mahal (Shah Jahan) and his Hindu wife Jodhaa. Great story. Some people apparently hated it. Too many elephants, they said. You can never have enough elephants. In fact, I think that should be a prerequisite for all movies. At least one elephant. In any case, it was a great movie. Here's a song, if you're so inclined.

Picture of the week. I swear next week it won't be flowers, but I was trying the whole blurry foreground thing. I think it worked....

Okay folks, off to begin (or continue the rest of my day). Ciao for niao!