Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cosmic Laughs

Current Mood: sigh. weird actually. perhaps it's the sore throat

Current Song: Hip Hop is Dead by Nas

It already feels like it's been a long week and it's only tuesday. Oh well. I guess that's alright. Eventful weekend with family dinner. Also watched Dark Knight on sunday. Great movie! Very psychologically unsettling, and much more gritty than any of the past Batman movies. The character of Joker and Two-Face were both amazingly portrayed. Joker was very different from the one played by Jack Nicholson back in the day, less farce, more killer. Interesting movie, and highly recommended.

Yesterday was the beginning of the new season for The Hills, so my thesis-emptied life finally feels like it's got some meaning. It's going to be an interesting season I tells ya. If I ever move away to some remote part of the world for work, I think I'll miss reality TV the most (aside from family of course).

Also, I got home from coffee with a friend (who I appreciate more and more everytime we meet up...details to be spared at present time), and I watched some horrible show called "Millionaire Matchmaker". Basically it's about a woman who matches up trophy wives with millionaire men who were once awkward around women but now have the money so they can afford to be awkward. One guy yesterday flew his date to Vegas and then proposed to her...on the first date! Who does that?! Apparently in Judaism there is the concept of soul mates. No matter what race, age, colour etc, people can meet someone and know right away that's the person made for them: It's called a Bashert. And people are compelled to find theirs.
I'm personally starting to think that this whole pairing of men and women as mates is a giant farce, a big cosmic joke. Seriously, who puts two completely different creatures on the same earth? sheesh. I'm seriously waiting to be proved wrong here.

Anyway, must go do some things. Off to a violin recital of a highschool friend tonite. Will report soon! adios tacos!