Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Applying for What?!

Current Mood: Sneezy (I haven't fully recovered from my cold, I don't think)

Current Song: 12:59 Lullaby by Bedouin Soundclash

Wowee! I handed in my thesis! Everyone congratulate me! We had a bit of trouble with the table of contents which went slightly wonky, but it's all good. After I handed'er in, we went to Jericho Beach for drinks, munchies and sunshine. It was an absolutely ideal day. Cannot complain one bit about it. There weren't many people on the beach. Who goes on a monday afternoon except for kindergartners and seniors. It feels nice to have accomplished yet another thing, but I always get a bit introspective afterwards as I plan my next moves. I wonder where I'll be next.

It's been one of those rocky years for me, a la 2006, where the good is exceptionally good and the bad, is exceptionally bad too. But mostly I think as I grow up, I grow into who I really am as a person and pretty much each day is a blessing. We often forget how lucky we are to be alive and well and we have to take advantage of the fact that we've got it made in so many ways. I guess being in international development and realising that some people face the perilous task of going to get potable water whilst avoiding landmines really puts things into perspective as I sit here rather comfortably. What a way. I wish more people would consider this as we whine about gas prices and how hot it is, and how our bathing suits need to be replaced.

Ooh! I applied for graduation this morning. Feel a bit ill. I will be walking the stage...again! I wonder if I get a funny hat this time or whether I'm going to have to wait until the doctorate. hmmmm. interesting prospects. I'm asking my mum and sister for a new SLR camera for graduation instead of jewellry so I can take up some photography. It would be nice to have that experience if I travel (which I plan to do). Any suggestions on good types of cameras would be appreciated. Digital preferred. Must do research on it!

Alright, I'm going to drag my groggy ass out for a run on a gorgeous summer day. I shall report back soon! Adios Nachos!

PS: just to make you jealous, wherever in the world you are, a shot of downtown vancouver from Jericho Beach yesterday