Saturday, July 26, 2008

Youtube is God! (Entry 38)

I have noticed a pattern. When I get tired I turn a bit childlike and end up pulling a Freudian 180 and heading towards childhood (boy those psychology classes came in handy).

I found episodes of Gravedale High on Youtube! Wee! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has ever heard of or watched Gravedale High as a child. I doubt anyone else ever did, except for the guy who put up the videos. In my fascination with the morbid always, it became one of those things that I always remembered the theme song to. Oddly enough.

The cartoon itself is not very good at all. Rick Moranis lent his voice to the show (I'm not saying that's why it failed). But it's one of those things that really sucked, but you had to watch it. Wonder if I can find old episodes of Home and Away on here too!

This is what happens when i run out of topics to talk about. Leave me a comment sometime would ya?

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