Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Knew This Was Coming..Useless Survey! (Entry 10)

1. Where is your dad right now?
Heh...good question
2. Last time you kissed someone?
mmmmmm...good question
3. Name five things you did last night?I
Ate, Blogged, blogged, blogged, blogged,
4. Last person you text messaged?
5. What kind of phone do you have?
Samsung Slide-aroo
6. What are you listening to?
Well I was listening to Sterr (for some bizarre reasong I felt compelled to), and now I'm listening to Bedouin Soundclash
7. What do you smell like?
deoderant and laundry and body spray (it's not as nauseating as it sounds)
8. what color are your eyes?
Brown town
9. Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
I've had a fire drill with Chinese people...does that count?
10. What color is your bedroom floor?brown carpet
11. Do you have a chair in your room?'s a bit schizo...sometimes it throws you off
12. What are you doing tomorrow?
Blogging for AFABC!
13. do you know anyone who is engaged?
Way too many people
14.What is your favorite #?
Do you know someone named Betsy?
Only Johnston, but I don't know know her
16. What color is your mom's hair?
17. Do you have a dog? Breed? Name?
No No and Muffin
18. Do you remember singing any songs as a kid?
I made up my own songs
19. Are you married?
Hah! No...
20. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
Before bed..
21. Do you play an instrument?
I have a guitar I seldom touch...and I can fake a good kazoo
22. Do you like fire?
I'm constantly playing with yeah
23. Are you allergic to anything?
Dust and dander...and pollen...and people without personalities
24. Do you have a crush on anyone?
What am i, 11?
25. Best friend?
Good is too strong...and weird for me...
26. Have you ever been to a spa?
No, strangely
27. Did you take science all three years of high school?
Where is this three year highschool and why did this sucker end up doing 5?
28. Do you like butterflies?
Not in my stomach
Do you miss someone right now?
not particularly
30. Does someone miss you right now?
Not that I know of....but i can't very well read minds now can I?
31. Have you ever seen your school counselor?
I don't have one of those...
32. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
Uhm...not so patience for that kind of thing
33. What is one thing you've learned about life?
It gives you a kick in the nads once in a while, but you gotta suck it up
34. Whats your favorite color?
35. Is anyone jealous of you?
Not that I can think of...unless it's of my awesome writing skills! ya!
36. Ever been stuck in an elevator?
no sir
37. What does your mom call you?
38.What do your friends call you?
39. What does your hair look like right now?
straight...and up in bobby pins to keep it outta ma face
40. Has a friend ever used you?
41. Has anyone ever told you they liked you more than a friend?
42. What have you eaten today?
Nuts and water
43. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
very very curly....but I hide it well
44. Who was the last person you drove with?
45. What are you looking forward to?
46. How are you today?
So far, so good


Raul (hummingbird604) said...

Hmmm :) Good meme :)

Keep it up! You can do it!