Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wotchu Mean I'm Not English?! (Entry 22)

Just having a good old look at the BBC. Love the BBC. Always much more interesting than anything else

Article talks about how the guy who plays Dr. Who loses his british accent when he talks to his very scottish parents. Accents are such a funny thing. I lost mine very quickly when i came to Canada and most people think that I was born here unless I tell them that the first decade of my life was actually spent in Tanzania.
Oddly however, I've retained some of the Britishisms from back home in my daily language. Friends of mine from school have often told me that I use words that they generally wouldn't use in Canada, but that somehow they don't sound very wrong when I say them. Which is nice really, because I'd hate to sound pretentious. I just grew up on a steady diet of British television and went to a British based school. When i do travel to London, I don't lose my Canadian accent, but I've always wondered if I would if I moved there. I reckon I might a bit. Although I definitely wouldn't try and make a point of keeping it on when I came back to Canada. Those people always sound a bit ridiculous...

Wow. I can't believe I've been doing this for 10 hours.
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Miss 604 said...

Hey! You're doing great so far! Just looking for a link to your cause and its online donation page so I can check it out, thanks!