Saturday, July 26, 2008

When Out of Ideas, Just Meme It! (Entry 27)

Need another Mo to collect some thoughts about the next blog, so for your enjoyment, another meme (sourced at!

1. Name the one song that reminds you of your most current or recent relationship.
Can't say i've had one for a long time. I have a bunch of songs that remind me of a bunch of people so not sure actually...

2. Name the one song that was way overplayed and you hate.
Oh god. Thong Song by Cisco! I remember it played at highschool graduation at least a dozen times. By the end of the evening I was ready to kill the DJ or Cisco or someone!

3. Name the one song it seems everyone loves but you don’t.
Hmmm...not really any at the moment. But everyone except me loves The Beatles. Sorry can't stand em at all.

4. Name the one song you think everyone hates but you love.
Again, not sure. I have weird weird taste in music. I'm not sure most people might be able to relate anyway...

5. Name the one song that is sung by someone you’d love to date.
Oooh...I think I'd love to date the lead singer of TOAD. And I love the song "Since you've been gone"...wouldn't mind that at all!

6. Name the one song this season that was sung best on American Idol.
Don't watch idol. It angries up the blood.

7. Name the one song that you think is the best love song of the 00’s thus far.
Hm. I think best one so far would be "Fix You" by Coldplay. though technically it's not a love song. It's just nice, and makes me cry...sometimes...

8. Name the one song that you think was the best 90’s song.
I loved Informer by Snow! yay! Oh and "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" by PM song. ever!

9. Name the one song from a TV theme that you like the best.
I loved the theme song to Hidden Palms. It's called "Blind" by Mega Bass. Really chill song. Best one yet :)


Zoyo said...

That is totally our song...HIDDEN PALMS!...worst show ever...and by worst, i mean best!