Saturday, July 26, 2008

We're Officially Sleep Deprived (Entry 37)

I'm at that stage where I'm officially feeling the effects of sleep deprivation...namely the bad headache.
As a child I was always susceptible to these things. I remember one time we had a religious awareness week where all the children were invited to attend morning prayers for a whole week. By morning I don't mean 9 AM following by a light breakfast. I mean 4 in the morning. If you went for all the days, you got a medal or some kind of prize.

I went for three days, after which on the 4th day I promptly vomitted. Sleep deprivation has never been one of my favourites. That's probably why i could never make a good medical professional. I hear horror stories of 36 hour shifts and such. Not for me. I like my nine to five. That way I can keep the food down and avoid the massive headaches that set in.

Thank jeebus this isn't a 24 hour relay. I would have vomitted in hour 5. Eugh!