Friday, July 11, 2008

Thesis Has Broken My Spirit...And My Glasses

Current Mood: tired, but happy

Current Song: If I never see your face again by Maroon 5 and Rihanna (I've heard it 3 times today!)

So Friday, and it's K-day, and It's also a day before the parental comes back. I'm very tired...mostly because of the crows that start their squaking at 5 in the morning perched on the ledge. I wish I lived in a the United States, and then I could just buy a small pistol to scare them off. It's very annoying when you've slept a bit late, and then have the sun glaring into your room, and crows going about making that racket...I swear...You'd think mother nature would be more considerate.

So I think my body, mind and wardrobe have had quite enough of the thesis grind. Yesterday I went for run, and then to take a shower. I obviously had to take the glasses off before I hopped in and when I got out and went to put them on, the arm had fallen off (the glasses' not mine). I've never actually broken a pair of glasses, but perhaps the grind of having to deal with it all just made them quit on me. I really would love to get lovely Prada glasses, but it's really rather an extravagence. Perhaps it's a good thing that I get new ones, starting this new phase of life with a Master's degree and all. Every few years. It's probably a good thing. The bad thing is, more money. I swear staying home seems to be really expensive!

Okay, I'm going to go and paint my nails...something I never ever do, but I feel like being a hausfrau today and hanging out on the couch to do me toes...later days!