Saturday, July 26, 2008

Self Esteem in Women (Entry 15)

Still watching random youtube videos.

Idea for this post comes from a friend of mine who was wondering about the whole issue of self-esteem in women. Do we have it? How do we get it? Are we just kidding ourselves when we say we have it?

I think one of the things about self-esteem is that it's got a large chunk that is just pretence. No matter how horribly nervous we are, we have to "act the part" in a lot of ways. sometimes this can be beneficial. Other times, not really. Where i think it gets rather tricky is when the authentic self gets lost behind the pretence.

We all pretend a little. Heck even I do! I think women now, more than ever have the tools to be successful and to have the level of self-esteem that they need to accomplish things. However, it comes back to a balance between understanding one's own needs and wants and balancing expectations. I think as long as a woman is confident in her abilities and is in an environment that nurtures that side of her, she can have the self esteem that she needs, and be good on it.


isabella mori said...

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