Friday, July 25, 2008

Renewal (Entry 2)

(My current mood/ Current song thing will be updated periodically...I don't see a huge amount of fluctuations every half hour...i took my pills!)

So I just thought I'd tell you a short and heartfelt kind of story that nearly brought me to tears. A very good friend of mine, SL and I went to coffee yesterday. We hadn't seen eachother in a couple of months on account of being out of town and such. She had been in Italy the previous month and so brought me back a little souvenier. It's a small ceramic mask, kind of like this one. What she didn't know was that it almost brought me to tears.

When we came from Africa we had a couple of these masks that I loved so dearly, you'd think I'd given birth to them. Well anyway, as a result of some rather harrowing events, the masks were given away to someone close to the family. Last year I had the unfortunate luck of visiting said someone and found the masks in the garage. One of them had broken in half and had a chunk missing. Because I had been so entirely enamoured with those masks, even 16 years later, it broke my heart to see them treated with such disregard. In any case, i was always mad at having lost those masks. Now lovely SL has given me a smaller slightly different one that I love dearly. Just goes to show you that things generally come back around in a different form when you least expect. Gives you some hope and perhaps a chance at a new beginning :)