Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick! Someone Take a Picture! (Entry 7)

Ack! My post just got erased!

Currently reviewing music that I had asked for a while back. Need new artists. Listening to Flobots (Handlebars)...Not bad. Got a K-os like quality. but more than an hour of that music then, I'd be obligated to wage war on biological weapons or at the very least tie myself to a tree in protest...

Currently reading Life and Style Weekly. These people will photograph anything. There's one picture with matt McConaughay (or however one spells that) tying his shoe...because apparently since he's a new father he shouldn't trip over one of David Banda (Madonna's youngest) with his head in his hands being looked upon by a nanny...and he's sad because he's all alone...he could just be tired. Can you imagine how dull our lives would be? there's my neighbour watering the garden...and that kid down the way loading all his lacross gear into the car...seriously? How dull! Good grief...
Okay, ranty post over!