Saturday, July 26, 2008

Powerful Women and the Audiences They Baffle (Entry 34)

The inspiration for this post comes from a friend and academic (and intellectual snob), SP. Thanks dude.

The President of Pepsi is an Indian woman by the name of Indra K. Nooyi. She is ranked the 5th most powerful woman by Forbes. Pretty amazing list of women you have there. Includes academics, business folks, politicians. Amazing stories. She does say that being a foreign-born woman means that you have got to be smarter than everyone else. Agreed to an extent

There are barriers already faced and you do have to go the extra mile to prove yourself. Personally, I've always somehow received the benefit of the doubt from people. Perhaps it's these glasses I wear or something. They must smarten me up somewhat. I've had plenty of situations where even family has had doubts about my abilities, so I can relate to what she says. It's part of life however, this constant proving of oneself.

Ambition can be a great thing. It's something that I look for in my closest friends. Would be nice to be among the ranks of those Forbes women...let's see how far this ambition takes me :P