Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Obaminator (Entry 26)

So i thought I'd get back to the development/diplomacy side of things for this post.
Looks like Obama is having quite the impression on...everyone! The world loves him after the ungainful reign of the Dub.

According to some news sources, if Obama were mean president, then the US would join the world community again and stop being the International outcast that they have become over the last few years. Fair enough. I have to say Obama plays the diplomacy card well, staying away from the swagger and pomp and circumstance that is usually left hanging in the air after Dubya leaves.

I do think though, that his whole approach during his campaign has been slightly more vague than I would like to see. He talks about bringing "Change" and sometimes almost takes on an ephemeral tone. I'd like to see a bit more concrete business, but do understand that there needs to be the "I have a dream" quality to his speeches, something inspirational perhaps for a lost-ish nation. At this point, I'm thinking anything is better than nothing.

I'd like to see how this comes along. He is however, very "new hope for america".


Kathryn said...

Wow, lots of blogs girl! Keep at it... then sleep :) I do not know what exactly to do... like can I give you points... or do you automatically get points for blogging every half hour?