Friday, July 4, 2008

My Family, The Mafia

Current Mood: sleepy...i shouldn't be, but that's what i get for reading late into the night

Current Song: Take a Bow by Rihanna (don't judge me)

So, it's been about a week since the parental left for London. I thought there would be some peace and quiet apart from the occassional phonecall from the aunt or uncle checking to see that nobody has flatlined from my bad cooking and general disregard for safety. Nope. Apparently, no peace or quiet. Phonecalls abound! the other day we were called to let us know that there was a special occassion at the ole prayer hall and that we'd better show up. We don't even get to be religiously wayward. Everyone talks to everyone else! My family is a bit like the mob: once you're in, you'd have to die to get out. I have a feeling that they forget that at this age most of them were married and had jobs (not saying I have either). But we're not that young. Perhaps I should just flatline or unplug the phone at the very least. I know they care, but I'm wondering if they'll be in complete knots if I leave the country ever...hmm

Went to see "Sex and the City". I checked my expectations in at the popcorn stand, so I actually enjoyed it. I think my favourite line by far was "I love you, but I love me more." and that of course was Samantha. Major spoiler alert coming up: Not sure how I feel about the whole Big situation. I have a feeling that if men are disappointing continually through 10 years, they are probably going to continue to be disappointing for the rest of your lives. What they don't show is every other decision that Carrie and Big have to make for the rest of their lives. That relationship would be a fight and a half. But I guess everyone wanted them to live happily ever after with their giant closet that caused a collective gasp in the audience. I guess you gotta just take it for what it is eh?

Well, I had better get on with my day. Got things to do, and of course check in with the family at some point again today (or at many points). *sigh* Off I go! Later days all :)