Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Child's Room is Painted Black (Entry 6)

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This post idea comes courtesy of one of the Terebkas. She wanted to know whether painting a child's room in the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys is in some way hindering their development into self-actualised human beings or not.

Personally, I should like to think that psychology and people are bit more evolved and not altogether pulled down by nursery colours. I don't see anything wrong with painting in the traditional colours (if really you want to look at a pink room for a decade or so...). I don't think room colour is really any indication of whether your child develops into the person that they are. For instance, in Africa my room and bathroom were the most appalling colour of pink...close to candyland and pepto bismol. I still turned out to have a heart as dark as the night outside, and with a tongue as sharp as shards of glass (you love me right?). I say your child turns out to be the way they are for too many other reasons (let's pull out that whole nature/nurture thing here), and really it doesn't quite so much matter if they're room was painted something or other. As long as it's not taupe. Nobody should be subjected to taupe. I think it's the cause of many as long as you're not going taupe, go nuts!