Saturday, July 26, 2008

More Poetry (Entry 29)

Wowee Everyone! Thanks for tuning in. I'm madly excited that you're reading my very tired ramblings still!
On the downside, I really shouldn't have eaten a whole brownie chocolate muffin. that did nothing for me at all...bleuch!

Another poem that is one of my favourites. It was sent to me by my friend Michael, a wonderfully eloquent man. When i was in the midst of doing my master's degree, I missed poetry horribly. I had abandoned all creative writing (except The Ghetto), for statistical analyses and policy papers. So the poem below is by T.S. Eliot, an excerpt from "Burnt Norton"

Garlic and sapphires in the mud
Clot the bedded axle-tree.
The trilling wire in the blood
Sings below inveterate scars
Appeasing long forgotten wars.
The dance along the artery
The circulation of the lymph
Are figured in the drift of stars
Ascend to summer in the tree
We move above the moving tree
In light upon the figured leaf
And hear upon the sodden floor
Below, the boarhound and the boar
Pursue their pattern as before
But reconciled among the stars.