Saturday, July 26, 2008

Men: What Are they Thinking (Entry 31)

I'm not sure how many countless hours women have spent over cheesecake just wondering what the men in their lives are thinking at any given point. truth is girls....they are thinking of nothing. I had a hard time coming to terms with it, but it is deceptively simple in most cases.

A good male friend of mine with a penchant for beautiful women said that one day he was with his girlfriend at the beach and he was sitting very silently staring into the water. So suddenly she asked "Hon, what are you thinking" and his answer was of course, "Nothing"
Here's the clincher. He said he actually wasn't thinking of anything at all! He just wanted to sit quietly and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

I think rather than waste our time just being baffled over the fact, we should just really accept it. At most times, men are less complicated than we might think as women. We are generally used to reading between the lines and sitting quietly by the ocean generally means we're contemplating the direction of our own lives or the meaning or existence of the universe or perhaps is Manolo Blahnik will ever have a sale. Thing is, it's just us!
We should learn to deal with it. It will probably save us many a headache...