Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Really a Princess (Entry 17)

Was just reading about the Pemberton Music Festival that has taken over the small town near Whistler. Saw a few things on the news about the shuttle service being really whack and it taking forever to get there.

While I think the lineups are fantastic (Wolfmother, Coldplay, Metric, Jay Z...what's not to love?), I really don't see myself at something like this. Zoyah was hell-bent on trying to go up there to see Coldplay and I refused to. First of all, my hair is curly and needs more upkeep than a classic car. So the whole muddy no shower thing definitely would not be feasible for lil ole me.

As a coworker and friend used to say, "The only nature that I want on my holidays is to throw open the window of my hotel room". I agree for a large part. I think there are better ways of doing this whole music festival thing. For instance, I could see going to the concert in honour of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in Hyde Park. You go, have a sandwich, get a drink, enjoy some music, and then go on home without having to worry about muddy conditions....that works for me!

Call me a princess if you will, but there are just some things I'd rather not do...