Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'd Make a Crappy Fundamentalist (Entry 24)

I've switched computers...away from the laptop and cozy bed to the obsolete PC and leather schizophrenic chair...that's better. Sitting near sunshine.

So I did a quiz about my type of spirituality/religion on, an idea borrowed from fellow Blogathon Warrior Isabella Mori. It turns out I'm an "Old Fashioned Seeker" - happy with my religion but looking for ways to express it. Fairly accurate actually. I'm definitely one to take things with a grain of salt, even though I practice an institutionalised religion. I think that spirituality can be present without religion. I consider myself more spiritual. But it's also in the nature of Ismailism to question and seek and to consider material knowledge as an extension of the divine. I guess in a lot of ways I take my lessons from Ismailism and in a lot of ways I had to flounder around and try to find my own way.

Oddly too I cringe a little when people are too adamant when it comes to religion. Don't get me wrong, each to his or her own, but being a moderate, I'm slightly on the fence in a way. I think that as long as there is respect for the words and actions of others, and as long as you act in a way in which your intentions are not to harm, you are a good person.

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isabella mori said...

great post, and thanks for the shoutout! would you be interested to write a guest post about your experience being an ismaili one day?