Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Prefer People (Entry 33)

Following my entry about being socially unplugged, and an entry by Danny about being too connected, I just wanted to follow up with the phenomenon with online everything. I have been doing more travelling (nowhere exciting) in the recent years and am finding this whole phenomenon of online check-in and automatic check-ins a bit disconcerting. I like to see people's faces and talk to them especially for events such as flying and banking, and hell even grocery shopping.

I understand that they are a way of making things more efficient and more convenient for those who can't be bothered, but at the same time, we do lose touch with others. I still go to the teller for my banking and I still like to check-in with a person, and not a machine when flying. Sometimes too much efficiency really just steals from other things in our lives and the world becomes too mechanised for our own good