Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Make Stuff Up (Entry 12)

So, I've moved on now to Ingrid Michaelson and I'm about to move away from her because she's making me a bit sleepy. I think I've hit sleepy now. It'll go away in a couple of hours. Usually does.

I was just thinking about choir, as related to the last post. I was a conductor for a year, and I remember the bane of my existence was the tenor section. They were constantly under threat for defenestration at any one point in time. I don't know how many empty threats I must have made that year. In any case, one day they were doing a less than bang-up job of holding the root with the basses and I got frustrated with the lot. So I said, "Boys! you're the foundation of this piece...for god sakes...Foundate!"

So, I make up words...yet another fun fact about me. Oddly, whatever I make up seems to end up being used on a daily basis by those within my gravitational pull. Odd. Either they are kooks or I'm a powerful kook ...