Friday, July 25, 2008

I got yelled at (Entry 3)

It's almost 11 and my family had decided to go for a nightly romp at the superstore for some shopping and such. I should really just stay upstairs. I got yelled at for throwing out a perfectly good container that could be used to store "chutneys"
Luckily, I can use the "I have to go blog" excuse for the next day. After that I'll get yelled at plenty.

Not sure what the whole deal is with containers. Must be an ismaili family thing. Can't throw out a perfectly good yogurt container. I bet if we took all of the yogurt containers collected by Ismaili mothers and put them together, we could probably solve some kind of world problem, and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals in some way. I'll work on it. I should have some kind of hare brained idea by the end of the day tomorrow!


Danny Dang said...

It must be a mom thing, as my mom will keep every bag or container. "You never know when you'll need it"