Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hollywood North Africa (Entry 46)

NPR reports that Algeria is reviving its cinema industry after years of war and destruction. This I guess gives me a quick chance to talk about the fact that Africa is an up and comer. Many people have believed that it was a lost case with the prevalence of AIDS, civil war, poverty and resource issues. However, there has been consistent growth in African countries for some years now. It would be absurd of course to expect metropolitan miracles to take place over a short period of time. But given about 50 years, there is a possibility of real progress. Just look at China and India. They were fairly lost cases.

For quick reads on Globalisation, anything by Joseph Stiglitz and even William Easterly should set you on the path to understand past events and future trends. Africa will turn into the land of opportunity some time in the future. In the meanwhile, let's start by watching some Algerian films :)