Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Current Mood: Not as hot as I was yesterday, so content

Current Song: Harmony by Ryan Scott

So it appears that lately I'm squandering away my precious thesis time. But I shouldn't feel guilty because I've written the whole thing at this point. T minus 18 days until it's due. It's time to open a can of editing on that puppy.

Living without mum so far has been alright. The very first day the world caved in on itself. On the way back from the airport, the car ended up with a flat tire. Luckily I was able to get home because I didn't notice it until we were close to home. Good for me. Bad for the tire. Having no idea what to do, I called family of course. Ended up not sleeping the entire night, had the tire replaced by the nice man with the tattoos and the tow truck, and then drove it to be replaced. Most expensive weekend of my life. And now i'm terribly paranoid about blowing out one of the other ones. But we're in okay

Went shopping on Sunday. Bought a couple of things. Not as exciting as i'd hope but fall is coming up afterall! Went for dinner at Simba's on Denman street right by English Bay. It's gorgeous in the summer and I love being in that part of town. But god is it ever crowded...full of half naked people trying to tan. Bonus: men half naked. Downside: it's davie street, so they're dating each other and not me. Twas fun to see coworkers I hadn't seen in a while of course and the food was great....

Today, yet another day that will be pissed away. Going to the mall for some necessaries and hitting the movies this evening I think. Not sure what we'll be watching, but it will hopefully be good....

Two notes: if you haven't seen "Death at a Funeral" you are missing out. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It's british and it's a combination of that dry sense of humour combined with some funny slapstick. To die for. No pun intended.

Second note: Yours truly will be taking part in Blogathon 2008. it's for charity. As soon as I figure out which charity, I shall write about it. Meanwhile, you can read about it on Ms. 604. Thanks Zoyah for the heads up.

Alright best get started with the waste of time that will be my day. Later days folks!