Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Expectations (Entry 42)

This idea comes from Noshin, a good dear friend of mine, who has religiously been supporting and reading this entire day (despite having better things to do). Thanks Nosh! you're great!

The question is why are we compelled to live up to others' expectations? Are women or men more prone to this? What purpose does it fulfill in the great scheme of things?

I think in the traditionalist societies that many immigrant families come from, honour is a big thing. And with honour comes the burden (and perhaps the blessing of expectation). Fast track to modern society, and we've got a merit-based system. It can get kind of ugly out there and expectations serve as a kind of motivation. Perhaps though, there is a limit to the whole system.

As someone who has always been a touch rebellious, the only expectations I ever chose to meet were my very own. Much to the ire of others, family included, I was pretty much my own person right from the start. This is also what we've tried to impart on my sister. You are your own competition and if you can exceed your own expectations, then that's what counts. It's hard when others in the family achieve so much and all eyes are on you to do the same. But there are many obedient folks out there who are living someone else's life. It all hearkens back to happiness and the post I wrote on it earlier...To be happy, we need to be fulfilled, and to be fulfilled, we should live up to ourselves and really not others. I think that's probably the key. Everyone else can go boil their heads :P
Almost there folks...just a few more hours!