Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Gravity of the Situation (Entry 32)

When Zoyah and I were younger and didn't know how to cook, we made some pretty horrendous mistakes, when attempting to artfully sashay our way through the kitchen and produce baked goods. This story I like to call "Gravy Cookies"

We wanted to make chocolate chip cookies at one point in time and the recipe called for Brown sugar. Not knowing that there might be a difference between the Damarara sugar we generally use in baked goods and the gravy powder that was filled in a jar, we figured they were one and the same thing and generously added the gravy powder with quite the pomp and flourish.

The cookies looked okay when they came out of the oven. The taste was, however, another matter entirely. It ended up being very unappealing and the whole batch had to be thrown out. Chocolate chips and gravy mix don't go well all. I think that was probably the worst incident of the bunch. We have since both learned how to cook. I know all the basics like a good ismaili girl (complete with curry!) and Zoyah can bake up a wicked cheesecake. Things have improved, but we will never forget our humbling and disgusting culinary roots.