Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gonna Sing!

Current Mood: Sleepy

Current Song: Something Gujerati is on the radio that mum is listening that really

I'm taking a vocal TLC day. I've been singing every day for the last week, and I think my voice is telling me it's tired at the moment. So we're taking a day off for hot water and silence.

I finally got my new glasses! yay! They're black square frames with wide arms (kind of like me) and little sparkly thingies on the side. I told a friend that I wanted frames with bling on them, and he said that I would look like Dame Edna. But then he saw me and said that I did not look like Dame Edna, which was nice of him. Jerk. Oh yes, and they're Donna Karans, which is cool. I wish she had some kind of cool story that I could tell as to why I bought her glasses, but she doesn't really. She's the daughter of a model. I have no sympathy. She does, however, make nice things.

I forgot to tell you about my Dim Sum experience. A few of the gals went out for Dim Sum to a chinese restaurant at the Marine Building, for which the name escapes me. It was the first time I had gone for Dim Sum and my sister had sagely warned me to "watch out for the pork". We ordered some lovely dishes. I even went on a culinary adventure and tried duck with plum sauce and almond encrusted shrimp! Look at me! I'm brave! It was lots of fun. It turned a bit into something from Sex and the City. I got home and then tried to grasp what I had eaten, and felt a bit sick about it. But of course, it's just my imagination. It was fun, and I'd recommend going if you've never been!

6 more days until Blogathon! Remember, to donate to the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC), and get in touch with me for blog ideas. Thank you to those who have already given me some ideas! I may not blog until then...but we'll see how exciting things get :)