Friday, July 25, 2008

Feesh (Post 5)

A conversation between my mother and my sister who have been hanging around these quarters for the last hour....seriously...they are all over me! ack! They are planning outings for when I'm away next week. One stop is a seafood restaurant, since I don't eat fish.

Mom: gess whot ven yoo leaw next veek we are going to Cockney Kings! Now, zoyah doo yoo vont cod or helibut?

Zoyah: I don't like Cod. I'd like halibut. But how does Cod taste?

Mom: Cod tests like helibut. Yoo von't know the deefrunce!

Zoyah: But if I tried it, would I, like, know it was cod?

Mom: Yes, becoz I'll order right in front of you nuh!

This has been what has been going on in my room for the last's going to be a long night!