Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery (Post 44)

I think I have actually passed on. Really. I think I am dead. I'm seeing twinkly white lights and voices have this kind of echoey quality to them. I went to pick up my sister. By car. Yeah, that was interesting. I actually closed my eyes when I was parked and didn't see her coming down the stairs and woke up with rather a start.

Being awake for over 30 hours is probably not very good, let alone driving in the condition. I promise to stay off the road. This was a necessary trip. I keep going through phases where I'm completely wired and then I'm sliding into that coma again...

Heesh. almost there guys, almost there! Another rivetting post coming up in half!


isabella mori said...

only one more hour! i'm so glad you managed to make it. what a crazy adventure.

and really happy to get to know you.

hope your charity is doing real well.