Saturday, July 26, 2008

Definitions of "Normal" (Entry 43)

I'm addicted to reality TV as we all know. So obviously I'll watch "How to Look Good Naked". I think that the premise of the show (the british one, not the rip-off by Carson Cresley) is brilliant in that it teaches perfectly normal women to love themselves without having to go under the knife.
Though I do question the mixed messages that we send to our kids. There are so many shows on with top models and how to be a model. Even shows like American Idol seldom actually pick someone who is on the larger side size-wise. So I wonder what the mixed messages are doing to the self-esteem of children and especially of girls.

I'm especially peeved at people like Tyra Banks who are so adamant about being able to be whatever size they want. So much so that she worse the same bikini that she was wearing when she was photographed by the paparazzi, on her television show. Yet it surprises me that she has never had a season ANTM where all the models are plus-size. What kind of message does that send?

I've never been thin, but I've always had an issue with my curves. Until a few years ago, I was one of those never happy looking at the scale or in the mirror. Now it's not an issue. I love my curves...and frankly so do others..

Though there is a movement towards campaigns such as Dove's and shows such as "How to Look Good Naked", the effort is probably not enough to change the perceptions of those most vulnerable to the media. Perhaps it's time some kind of change happened in that arena.


Barbara Doduk said...

You've raised some very interesting questions in your blog. I like it.

I like that show too, how to look good naked. I agree there is certainly more pressure on women to look a certain "normal" way that is somehow the expected way all women are supposed to look. I get angered by it a lot. That men can be whatever they want, look, dress, weigh, appear how ever they want, and it is okay because it's a man thing. Yet women are expected to be this "barbie" image that hollywood, porn, and vogue have falsely created.

I pondered last night, how many women in the world percentage wise have fake breasts?

Anyhoo, good luck on your blogathon, from a fellow blogathon-er.

B @ The Love Blog