Saturday, July 26, 2008

Creep-os(Entry 36)

My mother and I think the rest of us have had a really terrible history of attracting creepy men. I either attract creepy men or old men, and I think it must be hereditary. No good looking businessman ever gives me a smile. Always the creep-os
And they're not just creepy in the way that they make a comment. For instance some guy yelled something out to Zoyah at the mall the other day. Something to the effect of "Damn baby" or such and such. You can be disgusted by that but eventually move on. No no...these creepies are like the "smell your hair" kind of creepy. Or the "I love you so much, I could kidnap you" creepy

eee *shudder*

Perhaps it's not us. Perhaps it's just an overabundance of creepy people in this world? Hmmm...I'd like to think we're helpless in this. Mind you, my hair does smell very nice :P