Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Cause (Entry 8)

After having reviewed the music of both Ivana Santilli and Amel Larrieux, I am about to stick a fork in my eye. I think I prefer something slightly more smokey...perhaps darker...perhaps more different...perhaps not 80's kitsch...bleugh! I'm listening to an old fave Ryan Scott

Thought i'd go on a bit about the cause I'm supporting.

The Adoptive Families Association of BC is a non-profit here in BC that supports adoptive families, and educates and raises awareness about adoption and related issues. They are a great source of information for those considering adoption or those who have brought their child home already.

Just to give you a bit of a picture: There are currently 1,300 children in BC that are waiting for a family. Many of them are sibling groups, many are over the age of 5, many are teenagers. As they reach 19, they age out of the care of the Ministry and are left to handle growing up by themselves...

If you've ever considered adoption, all you need to know is available at
It's a cause that I believe in, and even if you're not thinking adoption (like me...i'm not even past thinking past breakfast let alone children!), do support AFABC by donating to them. All your funds will go towards programs for helping children find a loving and committed family
Okay, I'll be back in half!