Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Carbon Tax can Kiss My Ozone! (Entry 19)

It's so chilly outside I'm reminded of atmospheric pressure, which of course reminds me of our carbon tax subsidy. What a waste of money and time.
Aside from the irony that it's printed on paper (trees not included in environment), I don't think I've very much seen a larger waste of funds.

For the $100 they decided to give us out of the goodness of their whatevers, how many people are actually going to spend it on environmental/carbon related products? Probably just the hippies. Funnily, a survey done by a local news channel showed a rather large portion using it for ...gas! What with the gas price just skyrocketing, it's no wonder.

I would have loved to see that money go towards something useful like social housing or education...It took some gaul to pull of something like that...but unfortunately, not a whole lot of brains!