Saturday, July 26, 2008

Books Going Extinct? (Entry 41)

We have all seen the giant mega bookstores and the continuous stream of print media that comes out regularly. But in our digitised world, where even books are now available on little reader devices and easily downloadable, is the book going to go extinct? Are environmental movements towards saving trees adding pressure to the book industry?

According to this article in the Surrey Leader, no they're not. It happens to be that the scope and diversity of print material is increasing, and that books remain as popular as ever.

I am a big collector of books. I love the smell of them, the way they feel in my hand and the sheer weight of carrying around a novel in my bag. Most of my friends know that I generally have a novel in my purse (in case i get bored of their company, I can just tune them out...kidding!). But with over 100 books, I'm not one to stop collecting them.

As a child and before our move to Vancouver, I had about 75 books from when I was just a little wee one until the age of 10. Books have been a part of my life in a huge way and I expect that they always will be. So this whole retention of the book industry is very good news to me. I'm old fashioned in many ways. I like paper. What can I say?