Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Last and Final One! (Entry 49)


Oh my god! I made it! yay! wooooo!

Thank you everyone for tuning in throughout the day and keeping me company.

Big props to Rebecca Bollwitt for your fantastic work in putting together this blogathon. Really a great idea.
Thank you to fellow bloggers who dropped in and out with words of encouragement periodically. Thanks also to friends and family who kept me going with various offerings of food and/or ideas.

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I hope that this cause has been a worthwhile one. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of such a great group. To those bloggers who are continuing on until tomorrow, best of luck!

I shall be gone to Montreal as of Tuesday, and so i won't blog until I'm back in August (Plus nearly 50 blogs almost compels me to never blog again! but you'd miss me).
Happy Blogging and reading! Later days :)

In An Ideal World (Entry 48)


People often ask me what career I would want in an ideal world.

Well aside from what I'm doing right now which I love? I think in an ideal world I would love to pursue writing. I would love to be a novelist. Don't have to be the next Khalid Hosseini, but would love a shot at some published work. Perhaps it won't be an ideal world situation. I do have a goal of one day being able to write a novel and having it published, and we shall see how that ends up working out for me.

My mother often says to me, "you should write a book, you stupid". I think she means that with love and thinks that there is potential somewhere in here. I really admire the work of David Sedaris, a regular writer for the New Yorker. He has that wry kind of sense of humour that I can appreciate. Although technically to be like him, a lot of weird stuff would have to happen to me on a regular basis. Let's face it, I'm just not that exciting frankly. But there is hope yet! I have a long life ahead of me to muck about. I'll keep you posted on that whole book shenanigan!

Love at First Sight? (Entry 47)


I'm taking a page from fellow blogger Hummingbird604, who asks about the joys and perils of the dating world and the dating skill set. I quickly acknowledge that there is no such thing as the perfect relationship. If there was, then really I wouldn't be blogging at all.

I keep getting asked whether I actually believe in Love at first sight. Hm. Can't say I actually do. It's too idealistic for a cynic like me to believe in something that is fairly improbable. I've found anyway that the people that do claim to believe in it always end up a bit more disappointed than the rest of us.
I think notions like LAFS open up the door to phenomena such as being in love with someone because you believe that you can somehow change them, or loving the idea of the person, but not actually the person. There's too many unknowns in ideas like that. I prefer to be a realist and perhaps a bit on the cautionary side and fall for the practical.
But Mehnaz, they say, love can't be logicked away like that. I'd like to argue that there are certain facets even in emotional things like love that can be made rational and practical. Not to take the romance out of the whole thing, but really we all end up coming back down to earth sooner or later anyway. May as well start off there.

If or when I ever fall in love, I'm hoping there will be some sense of reality I can grip on to. I don't do terribly well with heights and don't like pedestals very much :)

Hollywood North Africa (Entry 46)


NPR reports that Algeria is reviving its cinema industry after years of war and destruction. This I guess gives me a quick chance to talk about the fact that Africa is an up and comer. Many people have believed that it was a lost case with the prevalence of AIDS, civil war, poverty and resource issues. However, there has been consistent growth in African countries for some years now. It would be absurd of course to expect metropolitan miracles to take place over a short period of time. But given about 50 years, there is a possibility of real progress. Just look at China and India. They were fairly lost cases.

For quick reads on Globalisation, anything by Joseph Stiglitz and even William Easterly should set you on the path to understand past events and future trends. Africa will turn into the land of opportunity some time in the future. In the meanwhile, let's start by watching some Algerian films :)

Your Name is What?! (Entry 45)


I'm pretty sure that I remember writing about ridiculous names that people give their children, but this one tops off anything I've ever read about. Read about "Talula Does the Hula in Hawaii"

Not even kidding you.

Don't forget to read the comments below. There is a guy named Russell Sprout.

Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery (Post 44)


I think I have actually passed on. Really. I think I am dead. I'm seeing twinkly white lights and voices have this kind of echoey quality to them. I went to pick up my sister. By car. Yeah, that was interesting. I actually closed my eyes when I was parked and didn't see her coming down the stairs and woke up with rather a start.

Being awake for over 30 hours is probably not very good, let alone driving in the condition. I promise to stay off the road. This was a necessary trip. I keep going through phases where I'm completely wired and then I'm sliding into that coma again...

Heesh. almost there guys, almost there! Another rivetting post coming up in half!

Definitions of "Normal" (Entry 43)


I'm addicted to reality TV as we all know. So obviously I'll watch "How to Look Good Naked". I think that the premise of the show (the british one, not the rip-off by Carson Cresley) is brilliant in that it teaches perfectly normal women to love themselves without having to go under the knife.
Though I do question the mixed messages that we send to our kids. There are so many shows on with top models and how to be a model. Even shows like American Idol seldom actually pick someone who is on the larger side size-wise. So I wonder what the mixed messages are doing to the self-esteem of children and especially of girls.

I'm especially peeved at people like Tyra Banks who are so adamant about being able to be whatever size they want. So much so that she worse the same bikini that she was wearing when she was photographed by the paparazzi, on her television show. Yet it surprises me that she has never had a season ANTM where all the models are plus-size. What kind of message does that send?

I've never been thin, but I've always had an issue with my curves. Until a few years ago, I was one of those never happy looking at the scale or in the mirror. Now it's not an issue. I love my curves...and frankly so do others..

Though there is a movement towards campaigns such as Dove's and shows such as "How to Look Good Naked", the effort is probably not enough to change the perceptions of those most vulnerable to the media. Perhaps it's time some kind of change happened in that arena.

Great Expectations (Entry 42)


This idea comes from Noshin, a good dear friend of mine, who has religiously been supporting and reading this entire day (despite having better things to do). Thanks Nosh! you're great!

The question is why are we compelled to live up to others' expectations? Are women or men more prone to this? What purpose does it fulfill in the great scheme of things?

I think in the traditionalist societies that many immigrant families come from, honour is a big thing. And with honour comes the burden (and perhaps the blessing of expectation). Fast track to modern society, and we've got a merit-based system. It can get kind of ugly out there and expectations serve as a kind of motivation. Perhaps though, there is a limit to the whole system.

As someone who has always been a touch rebellious, the only expectations I ever chose to meet were my very own. Much to the ire of others, family included, I was pretty much my own person right from the start. This is also what we've tried to impart on my sister. You are your own competition and if you can exceed your own expectations, then that's what counts. It's hard when others in the family achieve so much and all eyes are on you to do the same. But there are many obedient folks out there who are living someone else's life. It all hearkens back to happiness and the post I wrote on it earlier...To be happy, we need to be fulfilled, and to be fulfilled, we should live up to ourselves and really not others. I think that's probably the key. Everyone else can go boil their heads :P
Almost there folks...just a few more hours!

Books Going Extinct? (Entry 41)


We have all seen the giant mega bookstores and the continuous stream of print media that comes out regularly. But in our digitised world, where even books are now available on little reader devices and easily downloadable, is the book going to go extinct? Are environmental movements towards saving trees adding pressure to the book industry?

According to this article in the Surrey Leader, no they're not. It happens to be that the scope and diversity of print material is increasing, and that books remain as popular as ever.

I am a big collector of books. I love the smell of them, the way they feel in my hand and the sheer weight of carrying around a novel in my bag. Most of my friends know that I generally have a novel in my purse (in case i get bored of their company, I can just tune them out...kidding!). But with over 100 books, I'm not one to stop collecting them.

As a child and before our move to Vancouver, I had about 75 books from when I was just a little wee one until the age of 10. Books have been a part of my life in a huge way and I expect that they always will be. So this whole retention of the book industry is very good news to me. I'm old fashioned in many ways. I like paper. What can I say?

We're at the Big 4-0!


Yaaaay! Sleep is that much closer!

This is officially blog number 40. I went downstairs for a drink. My sweet, crazy dear sister brought me some sugar overload from Superstore including a bottled starbucks mocha, marshmallow ice cream cones and bagels and cream cheese for the extra energy. I gave myself major brainfreeze by drinking that mocha too fast.

I'm a little wired but the moment I sit down, I kind of pass out. It's sad times I tell you. It's getting harder to come up with stuff to write about now, so I'm going to give you a link to this commercial, which is too funny in case you haven't seen it.

I Wish This Was True (Entry 39)


Check out this article on Grammar Police

I really do wish that there was a law enforcement team that took care of grammar and spelling mistakes. There are just some really appalling ones. I'm guilty of a few myself, but mainly because I refuse to edit my work out of sheer laziness. I'm always shocked by how many people actually mix up your and you're. I'm not sure where the confusion lies as one is obviously a contraction of two words. I have never understood it myself.

On our trip to England last spring, we happened to be on a double decker when we saw the sign below. What would a trip be without a glaring mistake like this one. We just had to take a picture. Mind you, if there ever was a Grammar Police I would ask to be on the force.

Youtube is God! (Entry 38)


I have noticed a pattern. When I get tired I turn a bit childlike and end up pulling a Freudian 180 and heading towards childhood (boy those psychology classes came in handy).

I found episodes of Gravedale High on Youtube! Wee! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has ever heard of or watched Gravedale High as a child. I doubt anyone else ever did, except for the guy who put up the videos. In my fascination with the morbid always, it became one of those things that I always remembered the theme song to. Oddly enough.

The cartoon itself is not very good at all. Rick Moranis lent his voice to the show (I'm not saying that's why it failed). But it's one of those things that really sucked, but you had to watch it. Wonder if I can find old episodes of Home and Away on here too!

This is what happens when i run out of topics to talk about. Leave me a comment sometime would ya?

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We're Officially Sleep Deprived (Entry 37)


I'm at that stage where I'm officially feeling the effects of sleep deprivation...namely the bad headache.
As a child I was always susceptible to these things. I remember one time we had a religious awareness week where all the children were invited to attend morning prayers for a whole week. By morning I don't mean 9 AM following by a light breakfast. I mean 4 in the morning. If you went for all the days, you got a medal or some kind of prize.

I went for three days, after which on the 4th day I promptly vomitted. Sleep deprivation has never been one of my favourites. That's probably why i could never make a good medical professional. I hear horror stories of 36 hour shifts and such. Not for me. I like my nine to five. That way I can keep the food down and avoid the massive headaches that set in.

Thank jeebus this isn't a 24 hour relay. I would have vomitted in hour 5. Eugh!

Creep-os(Entry 36)


My mother and I think the rest of us have had a really terrible history of attracting creepy men. I either attract creepy men or old men, and I think it must be hereditary. No good looking businessman ever gives me a smile. Always the creep-os
And they're not just creepy in the way that they make a comment. For instance some guy yelled something out to Zoyah at the mall the other day. Something to the effect of "Damn baby" or such and such. You can be disgusted by that but eventually move on. No no...these creepies are like the "smell your hair" kind of creepy. Or the "I love you so much, I could kidnap you" creepy

eee *shudder*

Perhaps it's not us. Perhaps it's just an overabundance of creepy people in this world? Hmmm...I'd like to think we're helpless in this. Mind you, my hair does smell very nice :P

Sustainable Celebrity Use (Entry 35)


Just watch this one. It's too funny!

Thank you Pat from MAIS for the link :)

Powerful Women and the Audiences They Baffle (Entry 34)


The inspiration for this post comes from a friend and academic (and intellectual snob), SP. Thanks dude.

The President of Pepsi is an Indian woman by the name of Indra K. Nooyi. She is ranked the 5th most powerful woman by Forbes. Pretty amazing list of women you have there. Includes academics, business folks, politicians. Amazing stories. She does say that being a foreign-born woman means that you have got to be smarter than everyone else. Agreed to an extent

There are barriers already faced and you do have to go the extra mile to prove yourself. Personally, I've always somehow received the benefit of the doubt from people. Perhaps it's these glasses I wear or something. They must smarten me up somewhat. I've had plenty of situations where even family has had doubts about my abilities, so I can relate to what she says. It's part of life however, this constant proving of oneself.

Ambition can be a great thing. It's something that I look for in my closest friends. Would be nice to be among the ranks of those Forbes women...let's see how far this ambition takes me :P

I Prefer People (Entry 33)


Following my entry about being socially unplugged, and an entry by Danny about being too connected, I just wanted to follow up with the phenomenon with online everything. I have been doing more travelling (nowhere exciting) in the recent years and am finding this whole phenomenon of online check-in and automatic check-ins a bit disconcerting. I like to see people's faces and talk to them especially for events such as flying and banking, and hell even grocery shopping.

I understand that they are a way of making things more efficient and more convenient for those who can't be bothered, but at the same time, we do lose touch with others. I still go to the teller for my banking and I still like to check-in with a person, and not a machine when flying. Sometimes too much efficiency really just steals from other things in our lives and the world becomes too mechanised for our own good

The Gravity of the Situation (Entry 32)


When Zoyah and I were younger and didn't know how to cook, we made some pretty horrendous mistakes, when attempting to artfully sashay our way through the kitchen and produce baked goods. This story I like to call "Gravy Cookies"

We wanted to make chocolate chip cookies at one point in time and the recipe called for Brown sugar. Not knowing that there might be a difference between the Damarara sugar we generally use in baked goods and the gravy powder that was filled in a jar, we figured they were one and the same thing and generously added the gravy powder with quite the pomp and flourish.

The cookies looked okay when they came out of the oven. The taste was, however, another matter entirely. It ended up being very unappealing and the whole batch had to be thrown out. Chocolate chips and gravy mix don't go well all. I think that was probably the worst incident of the bunch. We have since both learned how to cook. I know all the basics like a good ismaili girl (complete with curry!) and Zoyah can bake up a wicked cheesecake. Things have improved, but we will never forget our humbling and disgusting culinary roots.

Men: What Are they Thinking (Entry 31)


I'm not sure how many countless hours women have spent over cheesecake just wondering what the men in their lives are thinking at any given point. truth is girls....they are thinking of nothing. I had a hard time coming to terms with it, but it is deceptively simple in most cases.

A good male friend of mine with a penchant for beautiful women said that one day he was with his girlfriend at the beach and he was sitting very silently staring into the water. So suddenly she asked "Hon, what are you thinking" and his answer was of course, "Nothing"
Here's the clincher. He said he actually wasn't thinking of anything at all! He just wanted to sit quietly and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

I think rather than waste our time just being baffled over the fact, we should just really accept it. At most times, men are less complicated than we might think as women. We are generally used to reading between the lines and sitting quietly by the ocean generally means we're contemplating the direction of our own lives or the meaning or existence of the universe or perhaps is Manolo Blahnik will ever have a sale. Thing is, it's just us!
We should learn to deal with it. It will probably save us many a headache...

Socially Unplugged (Entry 30)


A blog idea from a close personal friend of mine, and fellow musician (and fellow oldest sibling!)
Have social media networks like facebook and MSN (and blogs) become so prominent that they are keeping us from having a social life and meeting people in person or have they actually increased our exposure to more kinds of people?

I think it's a two sided deal actually. On the one hand, I could be out right now with friends on a regular day, but instead i'm pouring over the blog mania and checking facebook twice as often as I should. However, the number of people I've met has gone up. for instance, I don't think I would have met any of my fellow blogathoners in a coffee shop or some kind of casual situation outside of the screen here. Plus social media networks are great ways to increase our scope and pool of knowledge and learn from eachother.

But when it comes to things like, say, dating or even making friends, we are less likely now, I think to step away from the screen. Most of the little ones now spend way more time on facebook and texting friends than actually hanging out with them. So while these technological advances do expose us to various viewpoints and learnings, we have to be careful that we don't get our ability to interact with people wrestled out of us...
Okay, back to facebook!

More Poetry (Entry 29)


Wowee Everyone! Thanks for tuning in. I'm madly excited that you're reading my very tired ramblings still!
On the downside, I really shouldn't have eaten a whole brownie chocolate muffin. that did nothing for me at all...bleuch!

Another poem that is one of my favourites. It was sent to me by my friend Michael, a wonderfully eloquent man. When i was in the midst of doing my master's degree, I missed poetry horribly. I had abandoned all creative writing (except The Ghetto), for statistical analyses and policy papers. So the poem below is by T.S. Eliot, an excerpt from "Burnt Norton"

Garlic and sapphires in the mud
Clot the bedded axle-tree.
The trilling wire in the blood
Sings below inveterate scars
Appeasing long forgotten wars.
The dance along the artery
The circulation of the lymph
Are figured in the drift of stars
Ascend to summer in the tree
We move above the moving tree
In light upon the figured leaf
And hear upon the sodden floor
Below, the boarhound and the boar
Pursue their pattern as before
But reconciled among the stars.

Conditional Friendships (Entry 28)


So I've always wondered about one thing when it came to friendships. What's up with conditionality? I think I don't really mean conditionality in the sense that you're only friends under certain conditions. There is something that I've never understood about myself. I tend to be troubled by some friendships where I only see the other person once in a while, and yet some of my closest friends can go months without seeing me and when we catch up with eachother there are no feelings of despondence.

I think I might have narrowed it down, but I'm not quite certain. I think that where I do see a problem is with those friends whose direct line of thought doesn't involve me. They are too busy thinking and being something or somewhere else that I don't cross their minds at all. Or if I do, they never let me know. That's where I think my contention might come in.

However, some of my closests who I don't see often are very good at letting me know that they're thinking about me. Text messages and facebook messages are not infrequent and there are many of "just thinking about you" moments.
I've gotten used to taking a hard line approach to the former type of friend who says "we should get together more often". My response generally is "Let's not pretend we will. I'll see you next year as planned". Sounds harsh, but it mediates those expectations rather well. Sometimes you gotta lay it down on the line eh?
Okay, back in half!

When Out of Ideas, Just Meme It! (Entry 27)


Need another Mo to collect some thoughts about the next blog, so for your enjoyment, another meme (sourced at!

1. Name the one song that reminds you of your most current or recent relationship.
Can't say i've had one for a long time. I have a bunch of songs that remind me of a bunch of people so not sure actually...

2. Name the one song that was way overplayed and you hate.
Oh god. Thong Song by Cisco! I remember it played at highschool graduation at least a dozen times. By the end of the evening I was ready to kill the DJ or Cisco or someone!

3. Name the one song it seems everyone loves but you don’t.
Hmmm...not really any at the moment. But everyone except me loves The Beatles. Sorry can't stand em at all.

4. Name the one song you think everyone hates but you love.
Again, not sure. I have weird weird taste in music. I'm not sure most people might be able to relate anyway...

5. Name the one song that is sung by someone you’d love to date.
Oooh...I think I'd love to date the lead singer of TOAD. And I love the song "Since you've been gone"...wouldn't mind that at all!

6. Name the one song this season that was sung best on American Idol.
Don't watch idol. It angries up the blood.

7. Name the one song that you think is the best love song of the 00’s thus far.
Hm. I think best one so far would be "Fix You" by Coldplay. though technically it's not a love song. It's just nice, and makes me cry...sometimes...

8. Name the one song that you think was the best 90’s song.
I loved Informer by Snow! yay! Oh and "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" by PM song. ever!

9. Name the one song from a TV theme that you like the best.
I loved the theme song to Hidden Palms. It's called "Blind" by Mega Bass. Really chill song. Best one yet :)

The Obaminator (Entry 26)


So i thought I'd get back to the development/diplomacy side of things for this post.
Looks like Obama is having quite the impression on...everyone! The world loves him after the ungainful reign of the Dub.

According to some news sources, if Obama were mean president, then the US would join the world community again and stop being the International outcast that they have become over the last few years. Fair enough. I have to say Obama plays the diplomacy card well, staying away from the swagger and pomp and circumstance that is usually left hanging in the air after Dubya leaves.

I do think though, that his whole approach during his campaign has been slightly more vague than I would like to see. He talks about bringing "Change" and sometimes almost takes on an ephemeral tone. I'd like to see a bit more concrete business, but do understand that there needs to be the "I have a dream" quality to his speeches, something inspirational perhaps for a lost-ish nation. At this point, I'm thinking anything is better than nothing.

I'd like to see how this comes along. He is however, very "new hope for america".

Carbon-Dating <3 (Entry 25)


Woo! Halfway There! Most excellent! Don't forget to support AFABC

Another interesting article from NPR about finding carbon neutral love. When all earth lovers get together and meet eachother by trekking down to an organic restaurant in their priuses. According to the article, gas guzzles are social outcasts in this circle (you may as well have been the nerd in highschool).

Not sure this would work for me. I'm not as carbon conscious as I could be (though I take transit nearly everywhere and only drive once a week). However, I don't see getting into a scheme like this. With my luck, I'd have to take the biggest, smelliest jet to find someone. Vancouver has been hollowed out of its good man potential. Most of them are, like i've said before, dating each other and not me. Sigh. Such is life.
An interesting thought though, this whole green dating approach. I'm starting to wonder if people will start to look for other reasons to date other than just plain old "looking for love". One of my friends thinks that soon enough the cost of living will be so high, we'll have to get together so the grocery bill might be smaller.
Forget carbon-neutral, I'd like to find someone carbon-based (in my species of course!)

I'd Make a Crappy Fundamentalist (Entry 24)


I've switched computers...away from the laptop and cozy bed to the obsolete PC and leather schizophrenic chair...that's better. Sitting near sunshine.

So I did a quiz about my type of spirituality/religion on, an idea borrowed from fellow Blogathon Warrior Isabella Mori. It turns out I'm an "Old Fashioned Seeker" - happy with my religion but looking for ways to express it. Fairly accurate actually. I'm definitely one to take things with a grain of salt, even though I practice an institutionalised religion. I think that spirituality can be present without religion. I consider myself more spiritual. But it's also in the nature of Ismailism to question and seek and to consider material knowledge as an extension of the divine. I guess in a lot of ways I take my lessons from Ismailism and in a lot of ways I had to flounder around and try to find my own way.

Oddly too I cringe a little when people are too adamant when it comes to religion. Don't get me wrong, each to his or her own, but being a moderate, I'm slightly on the fence in a way. I think that as long as there is respect for the words and actions of others, and as long as you act in a way in which your intentions are not to harm, you are a good person.

Want to find out more about my religion? Feel free to visit :)

Deadly Brilliant (Entry 23)


Having a gander at one of my other favourite little sites, Excellent coverage of pretty much everything

Article talks about a symphony called The Dead Symphony No. 6 based on the music of the Grateful Dead. Not terribly familiar with their music, but I think it's a brilliant idea!
People always have these strange ideas that music belongs in certain moulds and that we can't go mucking about with form. I say toss it!
It's absolutely magic when things can come together. That's been my experience with the choir where you take different traditions and you just mash them together (tastefully). Afterall, I think that culture continually recreates itself and is new every day. While tradition is of course to be respected (all artists pay some kind of homage to the roots of their work), music is about creativity, boundary testing and breaking convention. What a great article (Plus I love the accompanying picture :) )

Wotchu Mean I'm Not English?! (Entry 22)


Just having a good old look at the BBC. Love the BBC. Always much more interesting than anything else

Article talks about how the guy who plays Dr. Who loses his british accent when he talks to his very scottish parents. Accents are such a funny thing. I lost mine very quickly when i came to Canada and most people think that I was born here unless I tell them that the first decade of my life was actually spent in Tanzania.
Oddly however, I've retained some of the Britishisms from back home in my daily language. Friends of mine from school have often told me that I use words that they generally wouldn't use in Canada, but that somehow they don't sound very wrong when I say them. Which is nice really, because I'd hate to sound pretentious. I just grew up on a steady diet of British television and went to a British based school. When i do travel to London, I don't lose my Canadian accent, but I've always wondered if I would if I moved there. I reckon I might a bit. Although I definitely wouldn't try and make a point of keeping it on when I came back to Canada. Those people always sound a bit ridiculous...

Wow. I can't believe I've been doing this for 10 hours.
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Good Parents Pay (Or Else) (Entry 21)


I'm feeling much better after dunking my head in a vat of hot water, having a cup of coffee and half a bagel. I feel half-ish alive, which is better than I was at 5 in the morning.

So a few days ago, I was reading about an Ontario program that is called Good Parents Pay, which essentially is a database profiling deadbeat dads in the province. These aren't just your regular joe kind of deadbeat dads, but those who have children all over the place or owe some serious kinds of money. Not sure how you get on the list, but I think you need to have done some shadey shadey stuff.
Other provinces are considering the program as well. I don't think it's a bad idea at all. Oftentimes people are remiss about the amount of responsibility that single parents are often burdened with, not just in the every day way, but also financially. It's furthermore exceptionally hard when there is more than one child. I'm not against a program like this. If anything, it'll help narrow the gap and at least help the families financially, given that the whole parenting aspect is missing.
Moreover, props to single parents for doing such a difficult job, often without complaining about it...You just saved this society a whole lot of latchkey kids!

My Favourite Authors (Entry 20)


For reasons that might be fairly obvious, Dorothy Parker is one of my favourite authors. She was introduced to me by a former colleague who gave me her collected works. It's been one of my favourites. She was an incredibly successful woman, with her work at one of the premiere publications in the United States, The New Yorker.
However, years of working at the New Yorker in the same room no less to a man she was in love with, but who was married, left her a bit jaded. She has a viewpoint on life that was not really seen in women in that era.
I almost wish you saw something new and exciting like that nowadays...sadly, not the case. Wonder where that creativity and most of all gutsiness has gone. It's too rare. Anyway, below a poem from Dorothy Parker called "Resume"

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live

The Carbon Tax can Kiss My Ozone! (Entry 19)


It's so chilly outside I'm reminded of atmospheric pressure, which of course reminds me of our carbon tax subsidy. What a waste of money and time.
Aside from the irony that it's printed on paper (trees not included in environment), I don't think I've very much seen a larger waste of funds.

For the $100 they decided to give us out of the goodness of their whatevers, how many people are actually going to spend it on environmental/carbon related products? Probably just the hippies. Funnily, a survey done by a local news channel showed a rather large portion using it for ...gas! What with the gas price just skyrocketing, it's no wonder.

I would have loved to see that money go towards something useful like social housing or education...It took some gaul to pull of something like that...but unfortunately, not a whole lot of brains!

Comatose (Entry 18)


Current Mood: pretty groggy...pretty pretty groggy

Current Song...actually nothing at the moment.

So I cheated a little. I fell asleep for 10 minutes. Yes, that's right, I decided that I had enough of the craziness and needed a major cat nap. So i dozed for a happy ten minutes. Pretty good considering don't you think.

Looks like the morning shift has started with my fellow bloggers showing their up and about.

I thought it was going to be fantastic to see the sunrise this morning, but the cloud cover seems to have ruined it for me. How uncool. In any case, it's freezing cold and i'm about to slip back into my coma. To keep you entertained, here's another Eddie Izzard Video
If only life were as easy as cake or death!

I'm Really a Princess (Entry 17)


Was just reading about the Pemberton Music Festival that has taken over the small town near Whistler. Saw a few things on the news about the shuttle service being really whack and it taking forever to get there.

While I think the lineups are fantastic (Wolfmother, Coldplay, Metric, Jay Z...what's not to love?), I really don't see myself at something like this. Zoyah was hell-bent on trying to go up there to see Coldplay and I refused to. First of all, my hair is curly and needs more upkeep than a classic car. So the whole muddy no shower thing definitely would not be feasible for lil ole me.

As a coworker and friend used to say, "The only nature that I want on my holidays is to throw open the window of my hotel room". I agree for a large part. I think there are better ways of doing this whole music festival thing. For instance, I could see going to the concert in honour of Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday in Hyde Park. You go, have a sandwich, get a drink, enjoy some music, and then go on home without having to worry about muddy conditions....that works for me!

Call me a princess if you will, but there are just some things I'd rather not do...

And Now, For Your Reading Pleasure (Entry 16)


So I'm back to listening to music, although I need something that will keep me awake sufficiently. Any ideas what to listen to?

Here's something I wrote a long time ago. Thought to share it with you folks.

On Writing

Words stand up on my skin
Letters, like hair on the back of my neck
Vowels dance in the wind
Sometimes they float
And settle in my eyelashes
I can feel their grainy beligerence
Oh my tongue, sticking
In my throat
Gathering on my neck
Like a summer rash
Red from wanting to speak
To sound

Self Esteem in Women (Entry 15)


Still watching random youtube videos.

Idea for this post comes from a friend of mine who was wondering about the whole issue of self-esteem in women. Do we have it? How do we get it? Are we just kidding ourselves when we say we have it?

I think one of the things about self-esteem is that it's got a large chunk that is just pretence. No matter how horribly nervous we are, we have to "act the part" in a lot of ways. sometimes this can be beneficial. Other times, not really. Where i think it gets rather tricky is when the authentic self gets lost behind the pretence.

We all pretend a little. Heck even I do! I think women now, more than ever have the tools to be successful and to have the level of self-esteem that they need to accomplish things. However, it comes back to a balance between understanding one's own needs and wants and balancing expectations. I think as long as a woman is confident in her abilities and is in an environment that nurtures that side of her, she can have the self esteem that she needs, and be good on it.

I've Regressed Into a Child-Like State (Entry 14)


Currently, I'm watching youtube episodes of She Rah and He Man
Don't even ask where I got that whole idea from. I was watching Monty Python to keep me awake and then for some reason decided to regress back into my childhood. I always thought they were dating....I guess i missed the memo there.
Well they certainly don't make cartoons like they used to before. I wonder if I might be able to find an episode or two of Gravedale High. It was only on for a short while in Africa but I loved it.

I'm slowly going to turn into those people that say "in my day we used to....."
*sigh* Next thing you know I'll be lying about going to school uphill both ways with no shoes etc...
Okay, i'm going to go and watch my video now...sad as that is...

Zimbabwe (Post 13)


Just sitting around reading the good ole news. Zimbabwe is still in the news. Now a power sharing deal is in the works with the opposition. However, there seems to be a bit of a contention about who is going to run the country, and critics say that this will have to be have to dealt with somehow. I'm pretty sure that this was the problem to start with anyway. I have my doubts about power sharing deals in general. There is no real guarantee that a leader like Mugabe will concede really. However, it might be in his best interest to do so in order to curb the violence....not sure that he will. Dude's been in power since independence and it seems to have worked for him this far!

I also have my doubts about sanctions. They just appear to hurt the country more than anything. It's really the people that end up suffering it out when the west imposes sanctions. Didn't work in Iraq really and doubt it'll be very effective here....oh well. I guess we get to see what happens...History in the making I take it...
Wonder what's happening in Kenya and their little power sharing look that up at some point....

I Make Stuff Up (Entry 12)


So, I've moved on now to Ingrid Michaelson and I'm about to move away from her because she's making me a bit sleepy. I think I've hit sleepy now. It'll go away in a couple of hours. Usually does.

I was just thinking about choir, as related to the last post. I was a conductor for a year, and I remember the bane of my existence was the tenor section. They were constantly under threat for defenestration at any one point in time. I don't know how many empty threats I must have made that year. In any case, one day they were doing a less than bang-up job of holding the root with the basses and I got frustrated with the lot. So I said, "Boys! you're the foundation of this piece...for god sakes...Foundate!"

So, I make up words...yet another fun fact about me. Oddly, whatever I make up seems to end up being used on a daily basis by those within my gravitational pull. Odd. Either they are kooks or I'm a powerful kook ...

Took Me a Long Time to Get to Crazy (Entry 11)


Gah! stupid Blogger! I'm going to have to switch platforms soon...this thing keeps eating up my posts...and now I've run out of energy to post anything...

Currently listening to The Fray...good music...reminds me of drives to choir in the middle of the winter...good times :)

Watch this fun video whilst I collect myself for the next post

You Knew This Was Coming..Useless Survey! (Entry 10)


1. Where is your dad right now?
Heh...good question
2. Last time you kissed someone?
mmmmmm...good question
3. Name five things you did last night?I
Ate, Blogged, blogged, blogged, blogged,
4. Last person you text messaged?
5. What kind of phone do you have?
Samsung Slide-aroo
6. What are you listening to?
Well I was listening to Sterr (for some bizarre reasong I felt compelled to), and now I'm listening to Bedouin Soundclash
7. What do you smell like?
deoderant and laundry and body spray (it's not as nauseating as it sounds)
8. what color are your eyes?
Brown town
9. Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
I've had a fire drill with Chinese people...does that count?
10. What color is your bedroom floor?brown carpet
11. Do you have a chair in your room?'s a bit schizo...sometimes it throws you off
12. What are you doing tomorrow?
Blogging for AFABC!
13. do you know anyone who is engaged?
Way too many people
14.What is your favorite #?
Do you know someone named Betsy?
Only Johnston, but I don't know know her
16. What color is your mom's hair?
17. Do you have a dog? Breed? Name?
No No and Muffin
18. Do you remember singing any songs as a kid?
I made up my own songs
19. Are you married?
Hah! No...
20. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
Before bed..
21. Do you play an instrument?
I have a guitar I seldom touch...and I can fake a good kazoo
22. Do you like fire?
I'm constantly playing with yeah
23. Are you allergic to anything?
Dust and dander...and pollen...and people without personalities
24. Do you have a crush on anyone?
What am i, 11?
25. Best friend?
Good is too strong...and weird for me...
26. Have you ever been to a spa?
No, strangely
27. Did you take science all three years of high school?
Where is this three year highschool and why did this sucker end up doing 5?
28. Do you like butterflies?
Not in my stomach
Do you miss someone right now?
not particularly
30. Does someone miss you right now?
Not that I know of....but i can't very well read minds now can I?
31. Have you ever seen your school counselor?
I don't have one of those...
32. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
Uhm...not so patience for that kind of thing
33. What is one thing you've learned about life?
It gives you a kick in the nads once in a while, but you gotta suck it up
34. Whats your favorite color?
35. Is anyone jealous of you?
Not that I can think of...unless it's of my awesome writing skills! ya!
36. Ever been stuck in an elevator?
no sir
37. What does your mom call you?
38.What do your friends call you?
39. What does your hair look like right now?
straight...and up in bobby pins to keep it outta ma face
40. Has a friend ever used you?
41. Has anyone ever told you they liked you more than a friend?
42. What have you eaten today?
Nuts and water
43. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
very very curly....but I hide it well
44. Who was the last person you drove with?
45. What are you looking forward to?
46. How are you today?
So far, so good

Happiness Inc? (Entry 9)


Went in search of food....ended up with nuts and raisins....and a giant jug o' water. I think i'm gonna need that H2O. Currently moved on to another favourite band Dispatch. Amazing vocals and guitar skillage. Fantastic really. Oddly I think they started off as a christian band...not sure...but I think I read that somewhere...

In any case, one of my close friends had the idea that I should write about what it means to be happy. I think that being happy is a simple thing. It's waking up every day with a sense of purpose. I think that's ultimately what defines happiness. A lot of times, the choices we make veer us to a certain course in our lives and oftentimes we let our mistakes dictate the direction of our happiness. In my short, yet eventful life, I've learned a lot about happiness. The trick is to suck it up, get up, and move on. There will always be moments of cloudiness. If there weren't we'd be living in some strange and unsettling utopia. Those moments of being not quite happy is what propels to move forward, and to have the ambition to better our lot.

Coming from an international development perspective, one of my professors always said that given the chance, people will make every effort possible to better their lot. I think the key to happiness is always to have that fire that you can do better. Perhaps it's ambition I'm talking about a bit. But really, I've never stopped. Happiness is what propels you to wake up every day with a sense of purpose. that's how I define it...

The Cause (Entry 8)


After having reviewed the music of both Ivana Santilli and Amel Larrieux, I am about to stick a fork in my eye. I think I prefer something slightly more smokey...perhaps darker...perhaps more different...perhaps not 80's kitsch...bleugh! I'm listening to an old fave Ryan Scott

Thought i'd go on a bit about the cause I'm supporting.

The Adoptive Families Association of BC is a non-profit here in BC that supports adoptive families, and educates and raises awareness about adoption and related issues. They are a great source of information for those considering adoption or those who have brought their child home already.

Just to give you a bit of a picture: There are currently 1,300 children in BC that are waiting for a family. Many of them are sibling groups, many are over the age of 5, many are teenagers. As they reach 19, they age out of the care of the Ministry and are left to handle growing up by themselves...

If you've ever considered adoption, all you need to know is available at
It's a cause that I believe in, and even if you're not thinking adoption (like me...i'm not even past thinking past breakfast let alone children!), do support AFABC by donating to them. All your funds will go towards programs for helping children find a loving and committed family
Okay, I'll be back in half!

Quick! Someone Take a Picture! (Entry 7)


Ack! My post just got erased!

Currently reviewing music that I had asked for a while back. Need new artists. Listening to Flobots (Handlebars)...Not bad. Got a K-os like quality. but more than an hour of that music then, I'd be obligated to wage war on biological weapons or at the very least tie myself to a tree in protest...

Currently reading Life and Style Weekly. These people will photograph anything. There's one picture with matt McConaughay (or however one spells that) tying his shoe...because apparently since he's a new father he shouldn't trip over one of David Banda (Madonna's youngest) with his head in his hands being looked upon by a nanny...and he's sad because he's all alone...he could just be tired. Can you imagine how dull our lives would be? there's my neighbour watering the garden...and that kid down the way loading all his lacross gear into the car...seriously? How dull! Good grief...
Okay, ranty post over!

My Child's Room is Painted Black (Entry 6)


Current Mood: I thought i'd be tired by now...i'm not!

Current Song: Homelands by nitin Sawhney

This post idea comes courtesy of one of the Terebkas. She wanted to know whether painting a child's room in the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys is in some way hindering their development into self-actualised human beings or not.

Personally, I should like to think that psychology and people are bit more evolved and not altogether pulled down by nursery colours. I don't see anything wrong with painting in the traditional colours (if really you want to look at a pink room for a decade or so...). I don't think room colour is really any indication of whether your child develops into the person that they are. For instance, in Africa my room and bathroom were the most appalling colour of pink...close to candyland and pepto bismol. I still turned out to have a heart as dark as the night outside, and with a tongue as sharp as shards of glass (you love me right?). I say your child turns out to be the way they are for too many other reasons (let's pull out that whole nature/nurture thing here), and really it doesn't quite so much matter if they're room was painted something or other. As long as it's not taupe. Nobody should be subjected to taupe. I think it's the cause of many as long as you're not going taupe, go nuts!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feesh (Post 5)


A conversation between my mother and my sister who have been hanging around these quarters for the last hour....seriously...they are all over me! ack! They are planning outings for when I'm away next week. One stop is a seafood restaurant, since I don't eat fish.

Mom: gess whot ven yoo leaw next veek we are going to Cockney Kings! Now, zoyah doo yoo vont cod or helibut?

Zoyah: I don't like Cod. I'd like halibut. But how does Cod taste?

Mom: Cod tests like helibut. Yoo von't know the deefrunce!

Zoyah: But if I tried it, would I, like, know it was cod?

Mom: Yes, becoz I'll order right in front of you nuh!

This has been what has been going on in my room for the last's going to be a long night!

Luw (Entry 4)


So there seems to be some kind of intergenerational misunderstanding when it comes to love in my family (Luw as my mother would call it).

In her day if you were dating, you were in luw. If you were getting married, you were in luw. Nowadays, you could be dating and not be in love and you could be in all manner of different relationships where you're not in love. You could even be seeing eachother and be in "Luw". So when we tell my mother that we like someone, she immediately says, "Oh, so you are in luw veeth heem?" Generally it's followed by an eye roll and a shaking of the head.

And if you don't like them anymore (which seems to be more the case with the short attention span that pervades our lives when it comes to men), she says, "Oh so you don't luw him eneemore nuh?" Huh. Well I'm not sure I fully understand what this whole "luw" thing is, and frankly I'm not sure I want to. Her impression of "Luw" seems to be someone to argue with intensely....
In that case, I think I luw a lot of people...:P

I got yelled at (Entry 3)


It's almost 11 and my family had decided to go for a nightly romp at the superstore for some shopping and such. I should really just stay upstairs. I got yelled at for throwing out a perfectly good container that could be used to store "chutneys"
Luckily, I can use the "I have to go blog" excuse for the next day. After that I'll get yelled at plenty.

Not sure what the whole deal is with containers. Must be an ismaili family thing. Can't throw out a perfectly good yogurt container. I bet if we took all of the yogurt containers collected by Ismaili mothers and put them together, we could probably solve some kind of world problem, and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals in some way. I'll work on it. I should have some kind of hare brained idea by the end of the day tomorrow!

Renewal (Entry 2)


(My current mood/ Current song thing will be updated periodically...I don't see a huge amount of fluctuations every half hour...i took my pills!)

So I just thought I'd tell you a short and heartfelt kind of story that nearly brought me to tears. A very good friend of mine, SL and I went to coffee yesterday. We hadn't seen eachother in a couple of months on account of being out of town and such. She had been in Italy the previous month and so brought me back a little souvenier. It's a small ceramic mask, kind of like this one. What she didn't know was that it almost brought me to tears.

When we came from Africa we had a couple of these masks that I loved so dearly, you'd think I'd given birth to them. Well anyway, as a result of some rather harrowing events, the masks were given away to someone close to the family. Last year I had the unfortunate luck of visiting said someone and found the masks in the garage. One of them had broken in half and had a chunk missing. Because I had been so entirely enamoured with those masks, even 16 years later, it broke my heart to see them treated with such disregard. In any case, i was always mad at having lost those masks. Now lovely SL has given me a smaller slightly different one that I love dearly. Just goes to show you that things generally come back around in a different form when you least expect. Gives you some hope and perhaps a chance at a new beginning :)

It's On Like Donkey Kong! (Blogathon Entry 1)


Current mood: revved to the point of exhaustion

Current Song: Spring by Vivaldi

I am ready! I'm not sure how i'm going to make it exactly, but i'm rearing to go!
As you can see I have all my provisions
On the right of my laptop, you'll see my water bottle: very important for the singing gig coming up. Then there's my giant bottle of woolworth's candy, which we all know will have to come in handy sometime between 3 and 5 AM. We have the CD's (yes, I still listen to CD's...sue me). Got all the regulars: imogen heap, coldplay, seal...Celphone for encouraging messages from dear friends and family (AHEM!). On the left, you'll see my latest novel, journal and pen for unnecessary yet important rambling moments through this endeavour and my choir case i feel like straining my eyes and learning some music. Headphones of course, and laptop. What you don't see is the sweatshirt for that time at around 4 when it gets very cold all of a sudden...and the new vat of folgers downstairs...The best part of waking up (or never having gone to sleep)
This should hopefully be fairly doable. It's like Ramadan all-nighters without the spiritual fulfillment and the welcoming warm bed at dawn. Wish me luck and don't forget to donate to AFABC :) See you in half!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Day Before The Day of the Night of


Current Mood: Anticipatory on so many levels

Current Song: One Step at a Time by Jordin Sparks (it was on the telly when I was cooking)

Just a short short post.

Read about my small, yet heartfelt blogging venture in the press release by AFABC

Check out my fellow Blogathon Brave Souls during the weekend for their blogging adventures

Rebecca Bollwitt, Tania Morrison, Raul, Shane Gibson, Karen Hamilton, Ayeza Garcia, Isabella Mori, Jenn Lowther/ Nadia Nascimento Danny Dang, Barbara Doduk, Chris Richardson, Colleen Vince, and Duane Storey.

I shall see you all tomorrow at 10 PM sharp with first post :) Remember to donate to AFABC at or hook me up with a blog idea :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gonna Sing!


Current Mood: Sleepy

Current Song: Something Gujerati is on the radio that mum is listening that really

I'm taking a vocal TLC day. I've been singing every day for the last week, and I think my voice is telling me it's tired at the moment. So we're taking a day off for hot water and silence.

I finally got my new glasses! yay! They're black square frames with wide arms (kind of like me) and little sparkly thingies on the side. I told a friend that I wanted frames with bling on them, and he said that I would look like Dame Edna. But then he saw me and said that I did not look like Dame Edna, which was nice of him. Jerk. Oh yes, and they're Donna Karans, which is cool. I wish she had some kind of cool story that I could tell as to why I bought her glasses, but she doesn't really. She's the daughter of a model. I have no sympathy. She does, however, make nice things.

I forgot to tell you about my Dim Sum experience. A few of the gals went out for Dim Sum to a chinese restaurant at the Marine Building, for which the name escapes me. It was the first time I had gone for Dim Sum and my sister had sagely warned me to "watch out for the pork". We ordered some lovely dishes. I even went on a culinary adventure and tried duck with plum sauce and almond encrusted shrimp! Look at me! I'm brave! It was lots of fun. It turned a bit into something from Sex and the City. I got home and then tried to grasp what I had eaten, and felt a bit sick about it. But of course, it's just my imagination. It was fun, and I'd recommend going if you've never been!

6 more days until Blogathon! Remember, to donate to the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC), and get in touch with me for blog ideas. Thank you to those who have already given me some ideas! I may not blog until then...but we'll see how exciting things get :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wee? Weee!


Current Mood: Little bit nutty

Current Song: Your Fragrance by Edward Henderson (reason listed below)

I am officially in Hausfrau mode now. I just handed in the draft of my thesis today. I kind of miss working on it, which seems just a little bit wrong at the moment. This is what it must feel like to send your children off to college. Ah, how they grow up. I'm having some trouble letting go. Plus, for those of you who know me, know that I am always busy with something or the other, and no matter how much I complain about it, I just never quit really. So I'm in a place where my brain is full, but it doesn't seem to want to empty up.

In other news, I got invited to sing at the Canadian Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir concert in Montreal and Ottawa. So guess who's flying east in a week and a half! I'm so stoked. My love affair with choral music has thus far been unmatched (unless you count my love affair with reality tv!). The downside of the whole process is that now I have to learn 15 pieces of music and really really quickly! I've knocked out four easy ones so far. But we'll see how the rest pans out for me. I hope it'll be a good trip. And a good bonus of the whole deal is that I get to meet some new folks. Never a bad thing!

I had a funny episode today. As stated many many times, I love reality TV (it makes me feel slightly better about my own life), and was watching The Real Housewives of Orange County, a show about women who live in the gated community of Coto in the OC. So one day, they were feeling a bit blah, and so they decided to go diamond shopping. My mother was watching with me at the time, so I asked her, "Mum how come we never go diamond shopping?"
She looked at me with a straight face and said, "We go grocery shopping."
I died laughing. So practical and so true, and at the same time just too funny. If anyone ever wonders where I get my sense of wit and sarcasm, please refer to the maternal figure in the family. Oh good times....

Anyway, I gotta be up early tomorrow to take the little one for an appointment and then go get my hair cut unless CIMYC wants Cousin It to sing with them...ciao for niao kids!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thesis Has Broken My Spirit...And My Glasses


Current Mood: tired, but happy

Current Song: If I never see your face again by Maroon 5 and Rihanna (I've heard it 3 times today!)

So Friday, and it's K-day, and It's also a day before the parental comes back. I'm very tired...mostly because of the crows that start their squaking at 5 in the morning perched on the ledge. I wish I lived in a the United States, and then I could just buy a small pistol to scare them off. It's very annoying when you've slept a bit late, and then have the sun glaring into your room, and crows going about making that racket...I swear...You'd think mother nature would be more considerate.

So I think my body, mind and wardrobe have had quite enough of the thesis grind. Yesterday I went for run, and then to take a shower. I obviously had to take the glasses off before I hopped in and when I got out and went to put them on, the arm had fallen off (the glasses' not mine). I've never actually broken a pair of glasses, but perhaps the grind of having to deal with it all just made them quit on me. I really would love to get lovely Prada glasses, but it's really rather an extravagence. Perhaps it's a good thing that I get new ones, starting this new phase of life with a Master's degree and all. Every few years. It's probably a good thing. The bad thing is, more money. I swear staying home seems to be really expensive!

Okay, I'm going to go and paint my nails...something I never ever do, but I feel like being a hausfrau today and hanging out on the couch to do me toes...later days!

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Official...


Current Mood: Meh...and a little worried...

Current Song: Lochlomond by Musica Intima

Well folks, it's official. I have turned into my mother. This is week 2 of her absence from the house, and I've turned into her. I found myself cleaning the inside of the garbage bin in the kitchen on saturday at 8 AM. First of all, who cleans the inside of the garbage can?! And when that didn't suffice to fulfil my cleaning urge, I cleaned the counter and the sink, and ended up mopping the floor. So yes, eventually we all turn into our mother. Thank god, my mother is not a complete kook, so it works in my favour. And I love cleaning :)

This weekend we went to see "Get Smart" with a friend of ours. It is the funniest movie I have ever seen! I thought it would be very much like Johnny English but Steve Carrell exceeds any expectations and it really is one of the funniest movies to see this summer. Highly recommended and we all know I'm not terribly easy to impress with movie. If you're going to spend money on something it better be good!

Last thing, I am officially signed up for Blogathon 2008. Details are as follows: My charity of choice is the Adoptive Families Association of BC (many of you might know that I worked with them a while ago). More details on how to donate to them will be available closer to the date. I will be blogging for 24 hours straight starting from 10 PM on Friday the 26th, to 10 PM on Saturday the 26th. So I'll be baked by midday, but I'm sure you'll sure your appreciation by donating...right? right?...If you are not donating to AFABC then please share your knowledge and leave a comment or an idea for a blog entry. It would be very much appreciated. Remember, I'm supposed to blog every half hour!

Okay, time to get going...more and more details to come on my life as it gets exceedingly uninteresting. Later days kids!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Family, The Mafia


Current Mood: sleepy...i shouldn't be, but that's what i get for reading late into the night

Current Song: Take a Bow by Rihanna (don't judge me)

So, it's been about a week since the parental left for London. I thought there would be some peace and quiet apart from the occassional phonecall from the aunt or uncle checking to see that nobody has flatlined from my bad cooking and general disregard for safety. Nope. Apparently, no peace or quiet. Phonecalls abound! the other day we were called to let us know that there was a special occassion at the ole prayer hall and that we'd better show up. We don't even get to be religiously wayward. Everyone talks to everyone else! My family is a bit like the mob: once you're in, you'd have to die to get out. I have a feeling that they forget that at this age most of them were married and had jobs (not saying I have either). But we're not that young. Perhaps I should just flatline or unplug the phone at the very least. I know they care, but I'm wondering if they'll be in complete knots if I leave the country ever...hmm

Went to see "Sex and the City". I checked my expectations in at the popcorn stand, so I actually enjoyed it. I think my favourite line by far was "I love you, but I love me more." and that of course was Samantha. Major spoiler alert coming up: Not sure how I feel about the whole Big situation. I have a feeling that if men are disappointing continually through 10 years, they are probably going to continue to be disappointing for the rest of your lives. What they don't show is every other decision that Carrie and Big have to make for the rest of their lives. That relationship would be a fight and a half. But I guess everyone wanted them to live happily ever after with their giant closet that caused a collective gasp in the audience. I guess you gotta just take it for what it is eh?

Well, I had better get on with my day. Got things to do, and of course check in with the family at some point again today (or at many points). *sigh* Off I go! Later days all :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!


Current Mood: Not as hot as I was yesterday, so content

Current Song: Harmony by Ryan Scott

So it appears that lately I'm squandering away my precious thesis time. But I shouldn't feel guilty because I've written the whole thing at this point. T minus 18 days until it's due. It's time to open a can of editing on that puppy.

Living without mum so far has been alright. The very first day the world caved in on itself. On the way back from the airport, the car ended up with a flat tire. Luckily I was able to get home because I didn't notice it until we were close to home. Good for me. Bad for the tire. Having no idea what to do, I called family of course. Ended up not sleeping the entire night, had the tire replaced by the nice man with the tattoos and the tow truck, and then drove it to be replaced. Most expensive weekend of my life. And now i'm terribly paranoid about blowing out one of the other ones. But we're in okay

Went shopping on Sunday. Bought a couple of things. Not as exciting as i'd hope but fall is coming up afterall! Went for dinner at Simba's on Denman street right by English Bay. It's gorgeous in the summer and I love being in that part of town. But god is it ever crowded...full of half naked people trying to tan. Bonus: men half naked. Downside: it's davie street, so they're dating each other and not me. Twas fun to see coworkers I hadn't seen in a while of course and the food was great....

Today, yet another day that will be pissed away. Going to the mall for some necessaries and hitting the movies this evening I think. Not sure what we'll be watching, but it will hopefully be good....

Two notes: if you haven't seen "Death at a Funeral" you are missing out. It is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It's british and it's a combination of that dry sense of humour combined with some funny slapstick. To die for. No pun intended.

Second note: Yours truly will be taking part in Blogathon 2008. it's for charity. As soon as I figure out which charity, I shall write about it. Meanwhile, you can read about it on Ms. 604. Thanks Zoyah for the heads up.

Alright best get started with the waste of time that will be my day. Later days folks!