Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Torture-Fest 2008

Current Mood: pretty alright

Current Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (yay choir!)

I am in constant pain. Zoyah and I started a new work out regimen. Or as I like to call it, torture-fest. It consists of weights and cardio throughout the week. although it's not all weights. Some exercises include contorting your body into funny shapes. The worst of them all are these horrible jumping lunges. Seriously, my ass is on fire! Muscles I didn't know existed now hurt. it's been a really long time since my calves hurt. The last time they hurt I was hideously out of shape. So we're hoping for new beach bods from this new torture that we have subscribed to. Next week we progress on to 3 times a week and increased reps....lord help me....

The weeks have been going...work is really busy, but I will be done soon, so I can get back to normal grad student life. I'm rather looking forward to that and am a bit relieved actually. I feel like my attention is in too many places sometimes and I'm not fully devoting myself to what i should be doing. However, this too shall pass.

Had choir rehearsal after 2 years. We're singing for VIMYC's 10th year. Yes, that's right. We have been around for 10 years. It felt good to sing with a group that I've known for that long. We have the ultimate connection (albeit an ismaili one). It's a great thing. My voice is sore and a bit hoarse today, but it all comes with the territory. I am excited to perform next week. It's going to be great I hope, unless i somehow really muck things up. We shall see! A busy couple of weeks coming up as we head towards thesis bonanza!
I shall write again soon (unless my fingers have fallen off because of torture fest). Later days!