Sunday, June 22, 2008


Current Mood: a little guilty...i didn't do much thesis work today

Current Song: Shine by Coldplay
It's been a good week I have to say. First a couple of arts things:
Got Coldplay's new CD! Wee! And it's amazing! I'm not just saying that as a biased superfan but as an artist. But then again, it's what I expected of Brian Eno, who is just an amazing music producer. He did some of Daniel Lanois' stuff and it's brilliant as well. I think the thing that I love most about this CD is that it's fresh. it doesn't continue anything that Coldplay produced before. The style and subject matter are completely different and it feels like one of those new beginnings everyone needs once in a while.

Second Artsy thing: Reading a new novel by Camilla Gibb called "Sweetness in the Belly" Google it. It's a great book...there's a ton on Islam in it which I didn't expect, but it's tastefully done. Gibb is a very good writer. I'm surprised I didn't read it before. But I shall keep you posted on how it goes. It's quite the page turner.

This weekend was the MAIS grads island picnic. We went off to Hermit Island off the coast, which is owned (yes, the Island is actually owned) by a classmate of mine. It's absolutely beautiful! it was a fairly warm day but overcast and just sitting and having a barbecue with classmates and friends to celebrate the end of a very eventful graduate year as we all go, was bitter sweet. Mostly I just didn't realize how tired I was, and how I missed having fun. I had been working on such a high level of activity that a day at the beach doing literally nothing completely tired me out! Wow, I'm old. But I know that the whole program is an adventure I will soon won't forget, and I have colleagues who will be in all parts of the world so it's comforting to know. Another gorgeous thing about getting older: the quality of people in your life improve remarkably. I'll miss them, but then there's always facebook!
Okay, enough of this business...I must be off to bed. and for your amusement, pictures off of Hermit Island posted below...later days!